The Elite Services Advantage provides end to end optimization of your investment, delivered by a trusted services team.

Deploy quickly and reliably, anywhere in the world

  • Faster, predictable, and proven implementations
  • Controlled transfer to live operations
  • Trusted services team with industry-leading expertise and experience

 Set up your firm for long term success with optimized business operations

  • Transform your business processes by leveraging data models and templates crafted with more than 35+ years working with more than 2,400 firms
  • Automatically enforce process and policy compliance across your firm
  • Embed intelligent role- and individual-based alerts to keep your teams on-track


Leverage 35+ years of law firm financial management best practices with the flexibility to adapt to your firm’s unique ways of working.

* 99% figure based on TR client list for US legal market

Optimization boosters

Ensure your 3E financial management software catalyzes your firm’s growth and profitability with Thomson Reuters as the core investor behind these services.


Developed based on proven learnings from 137 3E implementations, these packs can speed time to value a.nd compress implementation time while safeguarding your data.


The only implementation program made specifically for Enterprise clients. The toolkit was built exclusively for Enterprise clients to get the unmatched support, service, and expertise when migrating to 3E.