Amp Up Performance for Everyone in Your Firm

An effective financial system is vital not only to your finance department, but to every department and team in your firm. 3E Financial Management provides comprehensive and customizable capabilities to provide the accurate and consistent data you need for complete management of all your firm’s financial processes and activities.

3E Financial Management

Extend and customize applications to match the way your firm operates with an extensive set of built-in functionalities, a common group of services, and a highly scalable foundation. Workflow and collaboration capabilities provide for better security, faster approval processes, and tighter controls. On-the-go mobile  capabilities make it easy to obtain information where and when you need it, and with  3E Workspace, you can see all business management information in real time in one view.

In short, the robust set of financial management tools helps deliver new strategic insights, unprecedented efficiency, and advanced technology that can grow with your firm. Whether your organization is small, mid-sized, or large, our financial management platform will help you confidently manage you firm’s finances.

Accounts Payable

Automate and improve your entire accounts payable process. 3E Accounts Payable gives you complete control, from vendor management and payments to 1099 reporting, and more so you can control expenses, streamline payments, and improve your cash management.

  • Handle complex, high-volume transactions with ease
  • Monitor and control cash outlays to increase cash flow and profitability
  • Measure business performance with robust bank reconciliation capabilities, flexible options for payment processing, and full analytics
  • Improve interoffice and global operations with multiple languages, currencies, date formats, and tax structures
  • Expedite recovery of client-related expenses with advanced tools for accurate tracking and billing

General Ledger

Streamline and automate transaction management. 3E General Ledger provides powerful and flexible transaction management and processing to give you complete control over how information is posted and reported. Robust tools seamlessly and automatically manage transactions, while the innovative journal manager acts in the background to streamline the processing of journal entries and postings.

  • Make timely and informed business decisions with quick access to the transaction and reporting information you need
  • Customize the capture and reporting of financial management information with full control over how and when information is posted and reported
  • Manage transactions with full multi-currency support between multiple companies and business units
  • Create attractively formatted real-time financial statements with comprehensive drill-down capabilities

Invoice Management

Quickly translate your firm’s billable time and expenses into cash by easily managing the entire customer invoicing life cycle. With 3E Invoice Management, you can easily configure billing processes to match the way your firm works so you can streamline your billing operations for a stronger bottom line. Powerful bill editing features automate the proforma process letting you process bills quickly and accurately to produce customized invoices, electronic bills, and reminder statements.

  • Meet specific billing and cash management objectives by defining billing frequency, credit limits, volume discount thresholds, and other parameters
  • Set up alternative and flat fee structures and build effective-date and formula-enabled fee and disbursement rate structures
  • Support multi-project, multi-payor, third party payers, and split billing scenarios
  • Edit bills quickly before they are disbursed in a single-screen interface
  • Simplify your electronic billing process with seamless integration with eBillingHub
  • Eliminate manual bill formatting and reporting with 3E Templates, a document automation solution that streamlines the collection, conversion, and distribution of data

Time and Expense Management

Improve the capture of billable time and expenses with the 3E all-in-one legal time and billing solution. All of your fee earners can quickly and easily capture and enter their time and costs. The data is captured in real time and is fully integrated with the 3E Invoice Management capabilities so you can swiftly move from time entry to billing. And, for lawyers on the go, 3E Workspace Mobile offers time entry from anywhere and at any time.

  • Customize the dashboard and themes and apply filters for multiple viewing options and flexible access to time and cost information
  • Enter time quickly and accurately using day, week, and month views and single-click access to recent matters or projects
  • Stay connected, increase your efficiency, and capture more billable hours on the go with 3E Workspace Mobile
  • Track ad-hoc client expenses and soft costs such as printing, legal research, and more through integration with cost recovery systems


Automate collections and reduce credit risk. 3E Collections provides the capabilities you need to process, manage, and monitor collection activities to shorten payment cycles and increase cash flow. Fully integrated with 3E Invoice Management, 3E Collections gives you convenient access to all of the information you need in one screen.

  • Shorten collection cycles with real-time visibility into all collection status and billing information
  • Customize and standardize your collections policies to automate collections and deliver more effective customer service
  • Reduce firm exposure to credit risk by continuously monitoring your firm’s credit risk exposure in any situation

3E Image Connect

Save money and increase productivity with advanced imaging capabilities that deliver a fast and highly efficient way to store and retrieve images. 3E Image Connect is a standalone web-based imaging application that utilizes Microsoft .NET technology to automate the association of images with transactions or records.

  • Enhance processing speed and reliability, increase audit capability, and improve staff productivity and customer service
  • Secure your firm’s important information by scanning and saving paper documents into a digital format
  • Reduce paper documentation and easily retrieve and print electronic images
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3E Paperless Proforma

Eliminate cumbersome and time-consuming manual proforma distribution and mark-up procedures. 3E Paperless Proforma is an intuitive, browser-based pre-bill distribution and mark-up solution that lets you reduce the chance of human error, speed the pre-billing process, and get invoices out the door faster. It provides sophisticated auditing, tracking, filtering, and reporting capabilities.

  • Simplify and expedite the proforma process for improved cash flow
  • Stay on top of fee earner productivity and track profitability easily using at-a-glance views
  • Minimize resource costs by reducing the paper usage within the pre-bill workflow
  • Increase productivity with advanced features that allow for filtering, reporting, and scenario calculations
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