Does your firm have what it takes to not only survive but thrive in this economy? Do your lawyers have the tools they need to respond to their clients quickly and effectively?

Now, more than ever, your firm needs ProLaw.

ProLaw is the comprehensive business management solution designed for everyone in your office. Perfect for mid-sized firms, government offices, or corporate organizations, ProLaw enables you to fully automate the practice and manage the business of law. By connecting your entire organization, ProLaw helps your team work efficiently and effectively together and do what they do best: provide your clients with excellent service.

ProLaw provides comprehensive integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Westlaw court rules, and many other popular applications to help your lawyers build and maintain a productive and profitable practice.

With ProLaw, you can:

  • Boost profitability by working more efficiently and billing more hours
  • Maximize firm efficiency and lawyer productivity with software that works the way you do
  • Streamline data entry through a single, intuitive, easy-to-use platform
  • Manage the entire matter lifecycle to service clients more efficiently and effectively
  • Improve decision making by providing real-time business intelligence about the health of your firm
  • Access and manage all aspects of your firm while on the go using ProLaw Mobile or ProLaw Workspace

In short, ProLaw provides the functionality and flexibility you need to give your clients the service they expect and your staff the tools they need to deliver it.


ProLaw Works for Managing Partners and Executive Directors

You expect technology to support you in running your firm more profitably. Only ProLaw law firm management software integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel to help you organize information flow and manage your firm in cost-efficient ways never before possible.

  • Analyze how well your firm is performing from a completely integrated suite
  • Rely on up-to-date data and key metrics such as fee analysis, financials, and profit indicators to reveal your most profitable clients, matters, and practice areas
  • Run your business on the industry-standard Microsoft .NET® platform and adapt to your changing needs easily
  • Improve your bottom line and extend your investment well into the future

ProLaw Works for Lawyers

You manage dozens of cases in different stages with deadlines, documents, and pressures coming from multiple directions. You need law firm software that works the way you do. With sophisticated tools that are accessible in common everyday programs and from a mobile app, ProLaw delivers.

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness with unique integration capabilities
  • Track deadlines and deliverables, save and retrieve documents, and view real-time ProLaw matter information from within Microsoft Office applications
  • Access key functions from mobile devices with ProLaw Mobile
  • Get legal research and dockets from Westlaw or WestlawNext with a simple click
  • Enter and track billable time with pop-up prompts directly in Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel®, and Adobe® Acrobat® and Reader®

ProLaw Works for Finance Managers

When you're in finance, you're always under the spotlight. From managing prebills to cutting checks to running reports, ProLaw keeps your system running smoothly—with no surprises. And its accuracy, efficiency, and adherence to standard accounting practices helps you maintain a profitable organization.

  • Close and balance the month with ease
  • Manage prebill and billing functions, as well as accounts receivable and payables with new efficiency
  • Provide input to aid decisions with real-time metrics and “what-if” analyses
  • Quickly view financial performance and business status with charts and graphs

ProLaw Works for IT

You’re in charge of IT, and you want best-of-breed applications that work together and use proven, industry-standard technology. Built on the .NET platform, ProLaw offers a single database to integrate your accounting and billing system with your case and client information. With its power, you can eliminate data silos and connect your entire firm to run more confidently, efficiently, and effectively.

  • Integrate ProLaw seamlessly with the rest of your applications
  • Rely on a proven track record of stability and support
  • Choose from on-premise or cloud deployment based on your business needs and preferences
  • Bring everyone up to speed on ProLaw quickly with full integration to Microsoft Outlook and the Office suite of products
  • Offer users real-time mobile access from mobile devices via ProLaw Mobile


The Comprehensive Business Management Solution for Everyone in Your Office

Run smarter, be more informed, and manage your business more profitably with ProLaw. As a comprehensive business management solution built entirely on Microsoft .NET, ProLaw combines case and matter management as well as time entry, billing, and accounting capabilities within a single integrated solution.


Gain the tools you need to manage the entire matter lifecycle from beginning to end. ProLaw simplifies, streamlines, and coordinates the work of lawyers and staff, so you can do more with fewer resources. Choose between on-premise or cloud deployment based on your business needs and preferences.

  • Mobile

    Get valuable and actionable information anywhere, anytime, with one-touch access to ProLaw from your mobile device.

  • Workspace

    Bring staff online remotely and manage all aspects of your firm from any location.

  • Firm-wide Reporting

    Get instant access to key metrics to see what’s happening in all corners of your firm.

  • Application Integration

    Work seamlessly and connect to applications you use every day.

  • Additional Offerings

    Enhance the functionality of ProLaw with complementary solutions for credit card processing, electronic billing, legal calendaring, legal research, and more.

  • ProLaw Education

    Thomson Reuters Elite Global Services offers a variety of flexible training options to meet the varied educational needs of ProLaw clients.


The Software for Everyone in Your Office

To compete with and stay ahead of the competition, your entire team needs to work efficiently and effectively together. Your staff needs up-to-date information and instant and easy access to the data and tools they need—when they need them.

ProLaw delivers. As a comprehensive business management solution. ProLaw connects all four areas of firm investment so you can fully automate the practice and manage the business of law.

Give Your Firm an Edge

Streamline your business development activities to maintain current clients and find new ones with the integrated client and contact management tools in ProLaw.

  • Easily maintain an up-to-date database of clients, prospects, and relationships for use in marketing and business development activities
  • Build a complete record for each contact with the automatic syncing of lawyers’ Outlook contacts with the ProLaw system

Protect Clients and Your Firm

Mitigate your risk so you can conduct business confidently and securely. Risk management tools help your staff work more efficiently while minimizing business risks and regulatory challenges.

  • Conflicts Management—Effectively analyze prospective clients and easily identify potential conflicts before you begin the work
  • Records Management—Reduce compliance risk and efficiently manage and safeguard physical files with intuitive records management capabilities
  • Rules-based Court Docketing and Calendar Management—Stay organized and avoid the potential of missed deadlines with powerful rules-based docketing and calendaring functionality


Monitor the Information that Matters

Manage your client information and matters throughout the entire life cycle—from start to finish—including the big picture and day-to-day details. Robust client and matter management capabilities unify all of your important tasks and data into one integrated solution.

  • Case and Matter Management—Fully automate and streamline information storage and routine tasks, organize relevant information, and track the status of your cases and matters
  • Document Management—Improve the consistency and organization of your firm’s critical documents with fast filing and retrieval from a centralized legal document management system
  • Document Assembly—Simplify the production of documents, reduce data input errors, and create a valuable repository of your organization’s critical documents
  • Email and Electronic File Management—Integration with Outlook lets you easily manage the high volume of emails and electronic file attachments and save them within the context of their relevant matters and clients in ProLaw
  • Practice Area Modules—Backed by 20 years of consulting and a strong partnership with Westlaw, practice libraries within ProLaw provide practice-specific custom tabs, reports, and example forms to fast track your implementation or enhance your current use of ProLaw

Take Control of Your Finances

Streamline and automate your financial management processes to improve efficiency and increase profitability.

  • Accounting Management—Eliminate accounting bottlenecks and automate core functionality with streamlined transaction postings, financial reports and analysis, and budgeting and cost recovery tools, all in one firm-wide system
  • Time and Expense Management—Simplify the capture of daily activities, maximize the capture of billable time, recoup client-related expenses, and increase profitability with flexible time and expense tracking options
  • Invoice Management—Streamline bill processing and shorten billing cycles with innovative transaction and reporting capabilities; satisfy clients’ unique requirements with configurable rate structures and support for traditional and alternative fee arrangements
  • Contingency Analysis and Disposition—Meet the special accounting requirements of contingency-based cases and monitor and calculate firm and client net under different scenarios to manage case settlements quickly and efficiently
  • Westlaw QuickView+® - Track Westlaw usage and create cost transactions that can be easily billed back to clients