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Connect your entire organization

ProLaw is the one business management solution that connects all your people across the entire organization. Designed for law firms, ProLaw combines case and matter management with time entry, billing, and accounting in one integrated solution. See how your team can collaborate more effectively to do what you do best: deliver premier client service.

  • Boost profitability
  • Improve decision making
  • Work more efficiently
  • Eliminate data silos
  • Streamline data entry
  • Get real-time insights
  • Discover the power of ProLaw

    ProLaw enhances productivity firm-wide by combining your accounting and billing system with your case and client information, eliminating redundant data entry and allowing you to use the data in far more meaningful ways. Plus, ProLaw integrates closely with the Microsoft Office suite of products so your staff can work using the software applications they already know.

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    Key benefits

    Financial reporting

    ProLaw reporting and business intelligence tools make it easy to get information on all practice activities and analyze the data quickly in standard and customized reports, including reports tailored to management.

    Application integration

    ProLaw provides extensive built-in integration with several leading applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Word, and more. You can also integrate ProLaw with other applications by using custom tabs.

    Case management

    Transform interactions with clients via seamless access to all the matter information you need. ProLaw places at your fingertips the essential information you need to collaborate with both clients and colleagues.

    Leverage game-changing features

    Take control of your finances

    Shorten your turnaround times and streamline your accounting, time and expenses, invoicing, and payables.

  • Automate core functionality with streamlined transaction postings, financial reports and analysis, budgeting, and cost recovery tools
  • Bill more time and boost profitability with built-in tracking tools
  • Generate your most accurate and comprehensive financial statements with just a few clicks and give partners instant access to and confidence in your financials
  • Meet the special accounting requirements of contingency-based cases and monitor and calculate firm and client net under different scenarios to manage case settlements quickly and efficiently
  • Manage complex billing arrangements with ease using integrated billing features that adapt to changing processes and needs, including compensation formulas and project billing with different percentages for originating and working attorneys
  • Give your firm a single, intuitive, easy-to-use platform

    Focus on delivering your best work, supported by the right integrations and automation.

  • Manage the entire matter life cycle to maximize client service
  • Improve decision making by providing real-time business intelligence about the health of your firm
  • Maintain an up-to-date database of clients, prospects, and relationships for use in marketing and business development activities
  • Easily import your new attorneys’ contacts and matters as your firm grows with the ProLaw Data Portal
  • Access the materials you need from anywhere—at home, the office, or the courthouse—using ProLaw Workspace
  • Protect your clients and your firm

    Realize item-level security, insurance savings, and advanced calendaring and docketing.

  • Lock items down to the matter and even document level with Item Level Security so only the right people have access to confidential information
  • Track who did what and when through contemporaneous logging of user actions and a reporting trail
  • Reduce compliance risk and efficiently manage and safeguard physical files with intuitive records management capabilities
  • Effectively analyze prospective clients and easily identify potential conflicts before you accept the work
  • Avoid the potential of missed deadlines with powerful rules-based docketing and calendaring functionality that automatically populates your Outlook calendar
  • Customer stories

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    Graham Law

    Since 1990, Ohio-based firm has been finding new ways to use ProLaw to underpin success.

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