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One hub. Countless benefits.

eBillingHub is the leading electronic billing solution designed specifically for law firms—helping them to prepare, submit, track, and manage electronic invoices. Using eBillingHub, law firms can improve and streamline their billing processes. With eBillingHub, your firm will see:

  • 50% reduction in write-offs and write downs
  • 14+ days increase on average in payment time
  • 2x greater biller productivity
  • Automate tasks. Eliminate errors. Get paid faster.

    Our intuitive web-based e-billing application allows your firm to transform its e-billing processes in just 30 days. Start using eBillingHub to securely consolidate all your e-bills into a single, easy-to-use interface that is highly flexible and scalable for the way your law firm does business.

    Key benefits

    Improve cash flow

    Avoid write-downs and write-offs by automating your electronic bill submission capabilities with all major matter management systems.

    Increase efficiency

    Support complex billing scenarios through easy invoice creation, batch processing, split billing, and multi-payer invoicing. Eliminate billing errors prior to submission with powerful prebilling validation features.

    Maximize revenue

    Identify sources of under-billing and gain real-time status tracking and revenue predictability with critical billing management metrics.

    Leverage game-changing features

    Discover actionable insights from your billing data

    eBillingHub Insights offers out-of-the-box reports to meet your firm’s billing management needs.

  • View billing status quickly in easy-to-read graphical reports
  • Pinpoint billing issues and rejections to improve your electronic billing metrics
  • Drill down into the details on operational metrics in a matter of clicks, and evolve future reports based on the data that matters to you
  • Share overall billing health with C-levels through easy-to-obtain snapshots of important data that quickly pinpoint billing issues and guide leadership on solutions
  • Accelerate billing productivity

    Updated layouts streamline workflows and provide all your billing information in real time.

  • The easy-to-use interface helps billers complete work faster
  • Advanced filtering tools let you quickly locate the invoices you need
  • Status indicators tell you at a glance the current status of each invoice and where action is needed
  • Generate a high volume of invoices more easily

    Track client invoices across multiple vendors from one convenient dashboard.

  • Easily create invoices that meet the specific requirements of each client
  • Validate invoices against outside counsel guidelines to identify errors before submission
  • Easily manage complex billing scenarios, such as batch processing, split billing, and multi-payer invoicing
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