Transform, Analyze, and Visualize Your Data

What if you could tap into multiple data sources to gather precise, valuable information when it is the most meaningful for you? With Data Insights for Enterprise, you can. Now you can get rich, persona-based visual analytics available anywhere, anytime.

Data Insights for Enterprise is a self-service analytics model that lets you create and view actionable insights from a single dashboard that’s tailored and filtered based on what you manage. Available from the desktop or mobile device, fee earners and managers can easily manage performance and make timely decisions based on facts.

Data Insights for Enterprise is comprised of a data warehouse to easily extract data out of Enterprise and Microsoft Power BI which provides a rich visualization experience. The result is a powerful way to gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions that help keep your business on track.

  • Spot trends as they happen with powerful and insightful visual analytics
  • Get forecasting and advanced analytics for fee earners and managers out of the box
  • Create interactive reports and dashboards easily without writing any code using Power BI
  • Combine any data source with your data for a comprehensive firm-wide data set for reporting

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