Simplify and Improve Billing with eBillingHub, the Authority in Legal E-billing

Legal e-billing can be a slow and inefficient process often filled with many errors. But not with eBillingHub. Now you can streamline the entire billing process for a more efficient work-to-cash cycle and lower operating costs.

The only electronic billing solution designed specifically for law firms, eBillingHub can transform your firm’s e-billing in just one month. Compatible with numerous time and billing systems, it checks against billing guidelines and produces invoice files in all six LEDES standards to automate invoice submission to more than 35 different spend and matter management systems. eBillingHub offers an easy-to-use web interface and centralized dashboard that gives you information in real time, while powerful pre-billing validation features eliminate billing errors prior to submission, resulting in reduced rejection rates, write-offs, and write-downs. In short, eBillingHub gives you the power to simplify e-billing, improve productivity and efficiency, and boost profitability.

Discover what makes eBillingHub the authority in legal e-billing:

  • Checks against corporate billing guidelines
  • Produces invoice files in all six LEDES standards
  • Supports more than 5,500 corporate client formats
  • Reduces e-billing rejection rates by 66%
  • Trims write-offs and write-downs by 50%
  • Shortens the billing cycle by an average of 22 days
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