Are you tired of being slowed down by the limitations of your old technology? Do you wish you had software processes and systems that can meet today’s business challenges and tomorrow’s growth without fear?

3E® is your trusted answer.

As a complete enterprise business management solution, 3E fosters growth, maximizes performance, and provides the strategic visibility to embrace change fearlessly. It connects all critical areas of your business to streamline tasks and provide timely and accurate business information, while its advanced architecture drives operational efficiency and grows with your firm.

3E provides superior capabilities, including complete mobility, a highly configurable platform, built-in workflows and collaboration, industry-leading security, multicurrency, multi-language support, advanced analytics, and more. You gain the power you need to improve efficiency, increase profitability, and fearlessly take on a future without limitations.

We have undoubtedly gained a system that works for us, not the other way around. We can easily customize 3E to support our procedures and protocols and therefore support our strategic objectives.

— Edward Gordon-Hall, Director of Finance & Administration, Lewis Silkin LLP



3E Works for Managing Partners and Executive Directors

You need technology that helps you improve performance across all critical processes in your firm. 3E does just that, while giving you the flexibility you need to provide superior customer service. With its powerful capabilities, in-depth analytics, and complete mobility, 3E can drive greater efficiency across your firm and offer better visibility into how your business is performing.

  • Gain strategic insights with in-depth analytics that are customized to your needs
  • Benefit from the synergies of an end-to-end solution that easily integrates with complementary systems
  • Standardize workflows and automate critical functions to improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk
  • Reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction with the ability to quickly adapt and respond to customer needs

3E Works for Lawyers

You need to spend more time giving your clients superior customer service and less time on administrative work. You need the right systems and tools to complete your daily tasks from every possible environment. As part of the 3E Lawyer Experience, 3E enables you to work more productively than ever before. Standard with every 3E solution, 3E Workspace makes it easy to access the information and functionality you rely on to accomplish everyday tasks and provide exemplary customer service.

  • Maximize the billable time captured and client-related costs effortlessly with single-click access to recent matters or projects
  • View client and matter information, enter time, and conduct proforma review and mark-up using 3E Workspace Mobile
  • Manage clients, matters, and all associated details within familiar Microsoft® Office applications
  • Create budgets for an entire matter or project or for specific fee earners, work phases, tasks, or activities and compare actual performance against the budget
  • Improve collaboration between team members by allowing users to effectively gather input, get consensus, and share information with each other

3E Works for Finance

When you work in finance, you know the importance of efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. 3E offers a comprehensive suite of integrated financial management offerings to help you streamline the full range of your firm’s accounting and financial reporting activities. All capabilities, including general ledger, purchasing, accounts payable, collections, fixed assets, trust accounting, and time tracking are delivered through a consistent web-based user experience that allows you to easily track and manage activity on a multi-office, global scale.

  • Achieve an immediate ROI with automated workflows and streamlined collaboration processes that improve quality and accuracy with shortened approval times
  • Operate more efficiently and effectively to increase cash flow and profitability by automating and accelerating your invoice, collection, and accounts payable cycles
  • Customize the capture and reporting of financial management information with full control over how and when information is posted and reported
  • Monitor, analyze, and report on your firm’s activity and productivity with powerful built-in reporting and metrics

3E Works for IT

You’re the head of IT, and you need future-proof technology that optimizes efficiency and grows with your business. With 3E, you get a single technology platform that shares a common set of services, has one consistent look and feel, and provides a highly scalable foundation. Built from the ground up on Microsoft .NET, the integrated development environment allows you to be more agile in responding to client needs and incorporate new features with speed and reliability. With 3E, you can connect your entire firm to run more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

  • Reduce complexity and costly point integrations with a single technology platform
  • Transfer information and processes to a data center cloud environment with 3E in the cloud
  • Provide your team real-time access from anywhere via 3E Workspace Mobile
  • Standardize and automate core business processes with workflow and collaboration capabilities
  • Increase the speed and efficiency of your data interactions with increased throughput
  • Deliver an intuitive end user experience with personalized navigation
  • Develop firm-specific applications that meet your unique needs
  • Integrate 3E with other business applications to deliver a unified view of a more comprehensive data set
  • Deliver in-depth analytics that are customized to individual user needs


The Trusted Answer to Today’s Business Challenges and Tomorrow’s Growth

As a complete enterprise business management solution, 3E helps you broaden your strategic visibility, simplify and boost productivity and compliance, and consistently excel no matter what’s happening in the market.

By connecting your entire firm, you can streamline tasks and gather timely and accurate business information. Built-in application development capabilities and powerful integration options make 3E the technology-driven enterprise and financial management platform for the future.

  • 3E Lawyer Experience

    Complete daily tasks from any place and at any time to deliver the best legal service in the most cost-effective way using productivity tools that are built to work the way lawyers work.

  • 3E Workspace

    Improve workplace efficiency and profitability with an innovative integration platform that gives you firm-wide access to a range of Elite solutions and third party products via a single, user-friendly interface.

  • 3E Financial Reporting

    Turn critical business data into meaningful information that helps improve analysis and decision making.

  • 3E Services

    Use the Elite Global Services Advantage to deploy quickly and reliably from anywhere in the world and set up your firm for long-term success with optimized business operations.

  • 3E Technology

    Be confident with future-proof technology designed to optimize efficiency and grow with your business.

  • 3E Data Insights

    Tap into multiple data sources to gather insights and spot trends as they happen. Now you can get rich, persona-based visual analytics anywhere, anytime.

  • 3E Workspace Mobile

    Keep your business moving while on the go with a one-stop-shop for real-time insights and time entry.

  • 3E Partners

    Enhance your investment with complementary, best-in-class solutions for credit card processing, electronic billing, budgeting and forecasting, and business intelligence.

3E Focus

Connecting Every Aspect of Your Business

To stay competitive in today’s constantly changing legal landscape, you need a go-to-market strategy that wins more business, and then you need the tools to manage that business.

From finding new business, to managing your matters, to running your operations more efficiently and profitably, 3E delivers. As a complete enterprise business management solution, 3E was developed with the entire matter life cycle as its backbone and connects all major areas of your business so you can run more efficiently and profitably.

Change the Way You Play and Win the Game

Did you know that the majority of CRM solutions fail in expectations in their first year? And, on average, 60% of contacts never make it into a CRM database.

That’s why you need 3E business development.

It’s easy to turn relationships into business assets. With tools that unlock the power of information and drive successful business development initiatives, you can produce immediate ROI for your firm.

  • Gain more real-time insights into key relationships with no additional data entry
  • Find and leverage your strongest relationships by seeing who you know and how well you know them
  • Count on the addition of 60% of your firm’s contacts to its database that otherwise would never be included
  • Get insight from anywhere, anytime with a user-friendly table design
  • Drive successful marketing initiatives
  • Assemble attractive and compelling proposals quickly and effortlessly


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Maximize Protection for Clients and Your Firm

Increased opportunities bring increased risk. To manage the risk, your firm needs a special balancing act that helps you identify, assess, and prioritize the risk and then implement solutions to minimize, monitor, and control them.

3E risk management can help.

3E provides a variety of risk management capabilities that support your firm’s risk management efforts. Using the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), you can easily configure 3E functionality to comply with internal policies or external regulations. And built-in workflow and collaboration allows you to automate and standardize your firm’s core business processes.

  • Consolidate new matter intake and conflicts searching, thus streamlining risk management and eliminating risk before a matter is initiated
  • Avoid malpractice situations and conflicts of interest
  • Access appropriate records available for regulatory review, if needed
  • Automate records entry and file creation, file circulation, and retention review and disposition processes


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Transform the Way Your Lawyers Work

Today’s clients are demanding greater transparency, predictability, and accountability. To respond, firms need to integrate information across the entire organization for better clarity and efficiency.

3E matter management ensures consistent, repeatable matter workflow processes that keep your teams working productively and profitably. Woven into Microsoft Outlook®, Word, and Excel®, 3E matter management transforms matter management operations from end to end by automating and standardizing manual processes with built-in workflows, while giving you complete visibility into your firm’s practice activities.

With a single, unified way to view and manage day-to-day activities, including clients, matters, workloads, tasks, and critical dates as well as all related documents, reference materials, and reports, you can meet your clients’ demands head-on.

  • Manage matters through their entire life cycle from the familiar Microsoft Office environment
  • Automate and standardize manual processes with built-in new business intake features and workflow
  • Streamline the creation, management, and storage of documents from one central location
  • Build workflows, access controls, generate reports, set reminders, and more with tools that help you stay on track
  • Manage clients, cases, workloads, and documents from a unified view
  • Customize the system to meet your firm’s specific business needs


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Streamline and Strengthen Financial Activities

Your firm’s financial system is at the heart of your business management activities. This means an effective financial system is vital not only to the finance department, but to every department and team in the firm.

3E financial management is an extensive set of built-in functionalities, a common group of services, and a highly scalable foundation so you can extend and customize applications to match the way your firm operates.

Workflow and collaboration capabilities provide for better security, faster approval processes, and tighter controls. On-the-go mobile capabilities make it easy to obtain information where and when you need it, and with 3E Workspace, you can see all business management information in real-time in one view.

  • Increase cash flow and profitability by streamlining the financial management process and maximizing efficiency and reducing losses
  • Improve interoffice and global operations with multiple languages, currencies, date formats, and tax structures
  • Shorten collection cycles with improved visibility into all aspects of collection items
  • Customize the capture and reporting of financial management information with full control over how and when information is posted and reported


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Power for Now. Power for the Future.

Experience superior power and security, significant financial management capabilities, and growth flexibility without the associated traditional overhead costs with 3E in the Cloud.

As the first Software as a Service financial management solution for large and mid-sized law firms, 3E in the Cloud provides cost savings and faster ROI. It offers an Elite-managed cloud environment using the Microsoft® Azure® platform, the industry standard for innovation and security. With 3E in the Cloud, you can move your firm forward with a best-in-class enterprise management technology solution with the added benefit of lower implementation and maintenance costs.

  • Decrease infrastructure costs by eliminating your investment in hardware, software, and the ongoing maintenance of on-premises solutions
  • Boost ROI through Elite-managed automated deployment and upgrades with a streamlined implementation that lets you realize benefits more quickly
  • Improve scalability with a flexible service space that can automatically adapt to your firm’s strategic visibility, profitability, and growth
  • Access the latest feature set to benefit from ongoing product enhancements
  • Count on industry-leading Microsoft security, including physical and digital protection and the encryption of client and firm data from anywhere


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