Thomson Reuters Legal Partner Types

Thomson Reuters Legal Partner Program members are experienced technology, services and consulting organization ready to innovate, collaborate and help our clients solve their most pressing business challenges.

Choose the partnership type that best suits your business goals:

Alliance - For organizations that engage with Thomson Reuters Legal in a co-marketing relationship.

Technology – For organizations that provide critical technology that improves our offerings, including product integrations.

Implementation – For organizations that help individual customers with services work, including product implementation, installation, data conversion, customization, integration services and more.

Product – For organizations that sell solutions through Thomson Reuters Legal or independently sell Thomson Reuters Legal solutions.


Click the "ALL" feature in the alpha list to the left. Press and hold the ctrl+F keys. Type your keyword in the search box that pops up at the top or bottom of your screen. Search results will highlight your keywords within each partner summary.

Western Union Business Solutions

Western Union is a Fortune 500 company offering law firms access to the world's largest nonbank network for sending and receiving funds through our Western Union Business Solutions division. Today more than 700 law firms use our services to expand globally and mitigate the risk of international business. Our online system streamlines international and domestic payments processes, reduces risk when paying foreign invoices, and integrates with law firm specific accounting packages.

Alliance Partner - 3E Financial Management, Enterprise, ProLaw

Wilson Allen

Wilson Allen brings together a team of a highly respected business and technology experts following the completed merger of Wilson Legal Solutions and Stanton Allen. We offer professional services firms unprecedented software, strategic consulting, and technical expertise that strengthens business performance. Our focus is on empowering firms to enhance client life cycle management by using data and software more effectively — from business development and client acquisition to service delivery and operations, to billing and collections. We work with firms across the globe, enabling them to gain greater insight from their data and execute more effectively based on that insight.

Implementation Partner - 3E Financial Management, Enterprise, 3E Templates, 3E Paperless Proforma, Panoramic, 3E Business Development