Thomson Reuters Legal Partner Types

Thomson Reuters Legal Partner Program members are experienced technology, services and consulting organization ready to innovate, collaborate and help our clients solve their most pressing business challenges.

Choose the partnership type that best suits your business goals:

Alliance - For organizations that engage with Thomson Reuters Legal in a co-marketing relationship.

Technology – For organizations that provide critical technology that improves our offerings, including product integrations.

Implementation – For organizations that help individual customers with services work, including product implementation, installation, data conversion, customization, integration services and more.

Product – For organizations that sell solutions through Thomson Reuters Legal or independently sell Thomson Reuters Legal solutions.


Click the "ALL" feature in the alpha list to the left. Press and hold the ctrl+F keys. Type your keyword in the search box that pops up at the top or bottom of your screen. Search results will highlight your keywords within each partner summary.

MHR International

MHR International is a global software and consultancy company specializing in HR, payroll, employee experience, data analytics and artificial intelligence services. With a growing base of customers in the legal sector, we can meet the requirements of firms with industry tailored solutions. We continue to invest in research and development to ensure we deliver the latest technology and provide solutions for the specific needs of law firms.

Technology Partner - 3E Financial Management


Microsoft’s integrated infrastructure for the People-Ready business gives professional services firms the technology they need to build and sustain client connections, develop and retain top talent, manage business performance, improve compliance, and deliver distinctive client service experiences.

Alliance Partner - 3E Financial Management, Enterprise, ProLaw, 3E Business Development

MiniSoft, Inc.

MiniSoft, Inc. is a global software company specializing in collection management software for legal and professional service firms. They offer extensive reporting and trending capabilities, automatic business processing, seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, and handling of multiple offices and currencies.

Alliance Partner - Enterprise, ProLaw


MOSMAR specialises in legal document automation and workflow solutions. Our Implementation level partnership with Thomson Reuters Elite enables us to perform 3E MatterSphere services from business analysis to development, implementation, training and upgrades. MOSMAR have also developed a suite of software that works seamlessly with 3E MatterSphere to further enhance the matter management experience. Our Technology level partnership with Thomson Reuters Elite ensures our software aligns perfectly and performs optimally with 3E MatterSphere.

Implementation Partner - 3E MatterSphere
Technology Partner - 3E MatterSphere