Thomson Reuters Legal Partner Types

Thomson Reuters Legal Partner Program members are experienced technology, services and consulting organization ready to innovate, collaborate and help our clients solve their most pressing business challenges.

Choose the partnership type that best suits your business goals:

Alliance - For organizations that engage with Thomson Reuters Legal in a co-marketing relationship.

Technology – For organizations that provide critical technology that improves our offerings, including product integrations.

Implementation – For organizations that help individual customers with services work, including product implementation, installation, data conversion, customization, integration services and more.

Product – For organizations that sell solutions through Thomson Reuters Legal or independently sell Thomson Reuters Legal solutions.


Click the "ALL" feature in the alpha list to the left. Press and hold the ctrl+F keys. Type your keyword in the search box that pops up at the top or bottom of your screen. Search results will highlight your keywords within each partner summary.


Econocom is Europe’s largest independent provider of financing and as-a-service solutions for technology transformation projects. With over €3.0 billion revenue in 2019, 10,800 employees in 18 countries and 45 years’ experience, Econocom is the trusted business partner of major digital vendors and drives digital transformation across a number of industries, including the legal sector. Econocom is the only player in the digital transformation market that combines both digital and financing expertise. We help organisations and law firms future-proof their operations for the digital age with ‘as-a-service’ subscriptions. We build bespoke subscriptions for any digital asset (hardware, software, services, consultancy).

Alliance Partner - 3E Financial Management, 3E Business Development, 3E MatterSphere, 3E Paperless Proforma, Enterprise and Envision

Emerald Consulting

Emerald Consulting, part of Dynamic Technology Holdings, is uniquely positioned to deliver horizontal and vertical technology solutions across all business areas, specializing in the implementation, development, support and training of ready-made and bespoke technology solutions for professional services firms.

Implementation Partner - 3E Financial Management, Enterprise, Envision, 3E MatterSphere, 3E Templates
Product Partner - 3E Financial Management, Enterprise, Envision, 3E MatterSphere, 3E Templates

Erisberg Consulting Group LLC

Erisberg Consulting Group LLC is a full-service consulting firm concentrating on the strategic, operational and technological needs of legal and professional services firms worldwide. Our customer specific solutions are intended to help firms successfully complete new system implementations, update change management procedures and re-engineer processes for efficiency.

Implementation Partner - 3E Financial Management