Thomson Reuters Legal Partner Types

Thomson Reuters Legal Partner Program members are experienced technology, services and consulting organization ready to innovate, collaborate and help our clients solve their most pressing business challenges.

Choose the partnership type that best suits your business goals:

Alliance - For organizations that engage with Thomson Reuters Legal in a co-marketing relationship.

Technology – For organizations that provide critical technology that improves our offerings, including product integrations.

Implementation – For organizations that help individual customers with services work, including product implementation, installation, data conversion, customization, integration services and more.

Product – For organizations that sell solutions through Thomson Reuters Legal or independently sell Thomson Reuters Legal solutions.


Click the "ALL" feature in the alpha list to the left. Press and hold the ctrl+F keys. Type your keyword in the search box that pops up at the top or bottom of your screen. Search results will highlight your keywords within each partner summary.

Advanced Secure Technologies Ltd.

Advanced Secure Technologies supports UK law firms with a secure digital payment solution that enhances security and improves processes. Our solution integrates with 3E Financial Management, ProLaw and Envision to transform payment processes while protecting from the threat of transaction fraud. Our solution eliminates paper-based operations typically involved in a payment process, replacing them with a highly secure digital solution that issues payments in a streamlined and cost-effective process.

Technology Partner - 3E Financial Management, ProLaw, Envision

Afinety, Inc.

Afinety, a Netgain company, provides managed IT services for law firms. Clients turn to our cloud-enabled solutions, which combine proven industry experience with deep cloud expertise, to unlock growth, productivity, and efficiency. By working to become a strategic partner to law firms, Afinety delivers the critical applications and cloud infrastructure needed to unlock operational efficiencies and accelerate business growth. Clients rely on Afinety’s secure, cloud-enabled, remotely accessible workspaces to improve organizational agility and maximize productivity. More information can be found at

Implementation Partner - ProLaw
Product Partner - ProLaw

Apperio Limited

Apperio offers an online platform for reviewing and managing legal costs. The company has developed software that enables in-house lawyers to track and analyze legal spend across all law firms in real time in one place.

Alliance Partner - 3E Financial Management, Enterprise