Project Quality Model

Thomson Reuters Elite Global Services follows the Project Quality Model (PQM), a project methodology based upon the internationally accepted Systems Development Life Cycle, or SDLC, known as a development standard within the software industry.

PQM includes four distinct but interrelated phases, as illustrated below: Vision, Strategy, Execution, and Closure and Transition. These phases are supplemented by "gates," or critical control points, which ensure the project does not advance to the next phase until all required activities and acceptance criteria are met. Although each project is unique, PQM provides the fundamental structure and processes to manage every component of the project.  Also, part and parcel of PQM are the project management aspects, which are based on the framework as set by the Project Management Institute, a globally recognized organization that sets standards for project management processes.

  • Vision Phase—Each project commences with a detailed project launch phase to build a profile of current state, orient your project team to the new product, and outline  project roadmap in preparation for the all-important strategy phase
  • Strategy Phase—This phase is an intense period of defining and documenting your business requirements, business objectives, and critical success factors, and outlining the elements needed to achieve the overall vision
  • Execution Phase—Clients can fully expect to have a Thomson Reuters Elite solution that is tailored to their business objectives and that successfully meets or exceeds the defined critical success factors, expectations, and quality assurance measures within schedule and cost parameters. During this phase, the elements identified in the strategy phase are delivered to your project team for testing and validation.
  • Closure and Transition to Support—All elements of the Thomson Reuters Elite solution are fully deployed in a production environment, ownership is transferred to the client, and on-going maintenance becomes the responsibility of Thomson Reuters Elite Support, which is fully prepared to assist clients with troubleshooting any future issues.