Project Management

Effective project management is a core element of the Project Quality Model (PQM). Project Management provides direction, guidance, control, and oversight.

The Thomson Reuters Elite Project Manager will be your main point of contact and advise you on implications of decisions as relates to the implementation methodology to ensure we deliver the highest quality implementation within our budget and time constraints using project management best practices. They will also be advising the risk management function throughout the project.

The Thomson Reuters Elite Project Manager works with all levels of your firm’s project team to align with the strategic objectives of each project. Your project manager will also work at an executive steering group level to ensure that your project is run in accordance with the PQM methodology. To keep management fully informed on the status of your project, your project manager reports to the project steering group on a monthly basis and advises the group on the project progress, financial performance, and risk mitigation strategy.

Your Thomson Reuters Elite Project Manager will provide:

  • Project level strategy
  • Project work breakdown structure
  • Project budgeting and plan development
  • Project oversight and management
  • Communications
  • Status reporting
  • Risk mitigation