Al Tamimi & Company (3E)

"We set out to gain more knowledge about our business and 3E has definitely helped us achieve that."
— Kevin Hall, General Manager (United Arab Emirates)

Allen & Overy (3E)

"We wanted a system like 3E that could grow with the firm, with everyone on the same platform, subject to the same controls, accessing the same relevant information."
— Brian Dunlop, Chief Financial Officer (United Kingdom)

BakerHostetler (Certification, 3E)

“One of the greatest benefits of our 3E Certification is the consistency that it provides by teaching everybody to use the system in the same way.”
— Theresa Merecicky, Billing Services Manager (United States)

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC (Budgeting and Forecasting)

“Overall, everything is painless with Budgeting and Forecasting from Thomson Reuters. The time that we are able to save with the solution frees our staff up to do other tasks that generate greater value for our clients.”
— Maria Mager, Manager of Financial Analysis & Reporting (United States)

California Department of Justice (ProLaw)

“There are only a couple of applications available in the market that offer such advanced docketing functionality, and ProLaw does it best.”
— Nancy Sahm, Program Manager (United States)

Charles Russell Speechlys (Design Gallery)

“It quickly became clear that Design Gallery would provide a far superior solution, and it has indeed proven itself to be an extremely efficient tool.”
— Michael Malone, Financial Systems Manager (North America)

Colin Biggers & Paisley (xcelerate Budgeting and Forecasting)

“Knowing that xcelerate would combine so easily with 3E meant we didn’t have nagging concerns that we’d have to spend months fine-tuning things and solving problems in the setup. It was a big, big plus for us.”
— Graeme Walsh, Chief Financial Officer (Australia)

Enenstein, Ribakoff, LaViña & Pham (ProLaw)

“With BIPro, we have cut our billing write-offs in half, and our gross cash flow has improved dramatically because we always have a finger on the pulse. That’s found money!”
— Sal LaViña, Deputy Director (North America)

FordHarrison (eBillingHub)

“What eBillingHub can accomplish in three days would take me three weeks to do manually, and that would not be acceptable. eBillingHub is a huge timesaver for us, and it helps us achieve what wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.”
— Debbie Senter, e-billing Specialist (United States)

GableGotwals (3E)

"For the first time, we could have almost limitless customization ability with our software. 3E was the wagon we wanted to be hitched to."
— Mark Burt, Accounting Manager (United States)

Gardiner Roberts LLP (3E)

“3E provides a solid, flexible framework, backed by the reliable, ongoing support we needed to make our goals a reality.”
— Mary Fraizinger, Chief Financial Officer (Canada)

Gilbert + Tobin (3E and Cosine)

“For any firm that uses 3E, integrating Cosine Matter Planning and Pricing should be a no-brainer.”
— Peter Dombkins, Head of Legal Project Management (Australia)

Hannes Snellman (3E)

“The system needs to support the business and it’s kind of difficult to see any other solution that could help us as much as 3E.”
— Jussi Hirvelä, Head of IT (Northern Europe)

Hesketh Henry (3E)

"We saw the implementation of 3E as an opportunity to maximize technology and perform at a higher level."
— Erich Bachmann, Managing Partner (New Zealand)

Holding Redlich (3E Business Development and Concep)

"In terms of what it has brought to the business, you really can’t compare – it’s a different world. Utterly invaluable. We use it every day."
— Joel Lentin, Chief Marketing Officer (Australia)

Karnopp Petersen LLP (ProLaw)

"BIPro is a well-integrated product that provides such a valuable way to look at performance that it feels like a natural extension of ProLaw."
— Dharma Chappell, Technology & Facilities Manager (United States)

KPM Law (ProLaw)

“The time we are saving can now be spent better serving our clients, which in turn generates more income for our firm. Not having ProLaw would simply be detrimental to our success.”
— John Messersmith, Managing Partner (North America) (United States)

Lander & Rogers (MatterSphere Matter Management)

"Overall, the MatterSphere Client Portal has proven to be an invaluable asset to our client services."
— Sam Sofianos, CIO (Australia)

Lang & Klain P.C. (ClientPay)

“Because ClientPay makes our clients’ lives easier, they are inclined to pay their bills more quickly. That makes my job easier too.”
— Dan Drake, Firm Administrator (North America)

Lewis Silkin (3E)

"With 3E, we easily provide real-time business intelligence throughout the firm so our people can operate at the highest level to achieve positive outcomes for our clients."
— Edward Gordon-Hall, Director of Finance & Administration (United Kingdom)

McKool Smith (3E)

"Faster reporting, easier budgeting and a tighter rein on costs are the ways that 3E helps us serve clients better."
— Steve Bassinger, Director of Accounting (United States)

Minter Ellison (Business Development)

“We saw the potential range of benefits that an integrated platform of marketing tools would deliver and strongly believed that there would be a faster and more coordinated delivery of client services through Business Development's integrated suite of solutions and single database approach.”
— Peter Westerveld, Director of Technology (Australia)

Mintz Levin (Business Development Premier)

“Business Development Premier enables our business development team to have all of the relevant information about our clients and prospects in one place.”
— Amy Fowler, Chief Marketing Officer (United States)

Moore & Van Allen (Design Gallery)

“Our lawyers now receive proformas in minutes, and because they are able to edit them electronically, they can return them for billing in a matter of hours. Without Design Gallery, we wouldn’t be able to include key information on our proformas. Attorneys have fewer follow up questions because the data is right at their fingertips.”
— Stephanie Ward, Financial Systems Manager (United States)

Mourant Ozannes (3E)

"It's good to have a market-leading product like 3E that can grow with us for the next 20 years."
— Peter Pichler, COO (Channel Islands)

Parker Poe (Budgeting and Forecasting)

“Budgeting and Forecasting from Thomson Reuters offers a much easier and more sophisticated way to configure computations that I used to have to do manually. This not only saves me a substantial amount of time, it also ensures complete accuracy.”
— James Roden, Director of Compensation and Benefit (United States)

Phillips Law LLC (ProLaw)

“Since implementing ProLaw XII, our productivity and billable time have increased substantially. ProLaw makes it easy to capture every aspect of time spent on each activity—from initial phone calls to follow up emails. Those activities would be difficult to capture without ProLaw.”
— Krisztina Phillips, Business Manager (United States)

Pinkerton (North America)

“By tracking our revenue and costs by department and region, Budgeting and Forecasting from Thomson Reuters helps us manage our business more effectively than ever before.”
— Alex Sharpe, interim CIO (North America)

Public Counsel (ProLaw)

“Our service delivery model relies on a close relationship with volunteers, and ProLaw serves as our front line means of tracking communication with them.”
— Hernán Vera, President and CEO (United States)

Ridout & Maybee LLP (Design Gallery)

“Complying with client service, usually with little turnaround time, is one of the greatest benefits we have received from Design Gallery. Not a lot of firms can say that they can do that.”
— Melissa Bellocchi-Hull, Director of Human Resources and Accounting (Canada)

Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP (eBillingHub)

“Once we understood eBillingHub’s full capabilities and how our clients would benefit, we realized that there wasn’t anything else on the market at that time that could improve e-billing efficiency as well as
eBillingHub. In fact, there still isn’t.”
— Karen Frankwick, Assistant Manager (United States)

Spector Gadon & Rosen P.C. (3E)

“With 3E, our fee earners’ valuable time is no longer consumed by mundane tasks. Through more efficient processes, we are better able to focus on delivering excellent service to our clients.”
—Anthony Piacentini, Assistant Controller (United States)

Stephenson Harwood (eBillingHub)

“As opposed to taking our billing staff as long as an hour to manually develop a single bill, the process now takes a maximum of 15 minutes with eBillingHub.”
— Lindsay Barthram, Head of Business Systems (United Kingdom)

Steptoe & Johnson PLLC (North America)

“One of the most important benefits of Budgeting and Forecasting from Thomson Reuters is that it simplifies our ability to compare budgets to actuals, helping us more accurately identify potential cost savings.”
— Kelly Henderson, Director of Finance (United States)

Town Pump Inc. (ProLaw)

“We had hoped that the Business Process Review would uncover a better way to make the solution work for us. It turned out that ProLaw already had everything we needed and more.”
— Valerie Wyman Paul, Associate Counsel (United States)

Valentine Law Group APC (ProLaw)

"Being able to find the exact item we need without any extra time consumed is critical to the success of our firm. Ultimately, ProLaw is incredibly useful in helping our firm be more productive at the end of each day.”
— Jennifer Turner, Associate Lawyer (United States)

Warner Angle Hallam Jackson & Formanek PLC (ProLaw)

“Since implementing ProLaw, we have benefited from a dramatic reduction in staff expenditures, reducing our secretarial staff by half and our administrative team by more than 25%.”
— Sandra Haislet, Firm Administrator (North America)

Wedlake Bell (MatterSphere Matter Management)

"The combination of MatterSphere's breadth of functionality as well as its modular approach is perfect."
— Linda Webster, Head of IT (United Kingdom)

Williams, Porter, Day & Neville P.C. (ProLaw)

“At first, our staff wasn’t sure about the security of the cloud around, but the decision to implement ProCirrus is unanimously considered to be the smartest decision our technology committee has ever made.”
— Jason Neville, Shareholder (United States)