The Comprehensive Solution for Your Government Agency

Today, government agencies need to run lean and work smarter. Your team needs to stay on track and work efficiently and effectively together.

ProLaw from Thomson Reuters Elite is the comprehensive business management solution that helps government agencies face their business challenges while truly integrating the entire office. In short, it helps you efficiently manage your day-to-day tasks while giving you more time to provide high quality legal counsel to the agency.

ProLaw streamlines and automates your work processes, helps reuse knowledge, eliminates reworks, and reduces administration overhead. How? It eliminates data silos and connects your entire agency by integrating key tasks from major areas of agency investment, including financial management, matter management, and risk management.

From time and expense management to central document storage to docketing, calendaring, agency reporting, and more, ProLaw offers sophisticated functionality that helps you run smarter, be more informed, and manage your legal matters with ease.

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With ProLaw you can:

  • Maximize agency efficiency and lawyer productivity with software that works the way you do
  • Streamline data entry through a single, intuitive easy-to-use platform
  • Manage the entire matter life cycle to service your agency more efficiently and effectively
  • Automate processes, reuse knowledge, and eliminate rework

The Software for Everyone in Your Office

 No matter what your role is, ProLaw delivers the functionality you need to successfully perform your job.

Agency Directors and Department Managers

  • Manage your entire agency from a completely integrated solution
  • Understand how well your agency is doing on key metrics
  • Run your business on the industry-standard Microsoft .NET platform and easily adapt to your changing needs
  • Keep everything organized to manage information flow—and your budget

Finance Managers

  • Keep track of budgets and performance against them
  • Provide input to aid decisions with real-time metrics and what-if analyses
  • Quickly view financial performance and business status with charts and graphs


  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness with unique integration capabilities
  • Track deadlines and deliverables, save and retrieve documents, and view real-time ProLaw matter information from within Microsoft Office applications
  • Access key functions from your iPad, IPhone, or Android device
  • Get legal research and dockets from Westlaw with a simple click
  • Enter and track time with pop-up prompts directly in Outlook, Word, Excel, and Adobe Acrobat and Reader

IT Specialists

  • Seamlessly integrate with the rest of your applications
  • Be assured with a proven track record of stability and support
  • Run efficiently with industry-standard technology
  • Bring everyone up to speed on ProLaw quickly as it fits seamlessly with the Microsoft applications they use throughout the day

ProLaw Highlights

On-premise or cloud deployment

Choose on-premise or cloud deployment based on your business needs and preferences

ProLaw Workspace

Bring staff online remotely and manage all aspects of your agency from any location

ProLaw Mobile

Get valuable and actionable information anywhere, anytime, with one-touch access to ProLaw from your mobile device

Agency-wide reporting

Get instant access to key metrics to see what’s happening in all corners of the agency