Plan and React with Confidence

Are you constantly finding yourself without the necessary information you need to make critical decisions? If you’re dealing with out-of-date data in multiple systems, ProLaw Budgeting and Forecasting can help.

Budgeting and Forecasting integrates into ProLaw and quickly plugs into human resources and payroll systems to provide the accurate budgeting and forecasting of operating expenses, timekeeper revenue, timekeeper compensation, and capital expenses.

Budgeting and Forecasting is a Microsoft® Excel®- and web-based budgeting and forecasting application built specifically for the legal and professional services industries. The modular design lets you start anywhere with the ability to put together your perfect solution.

  • Protect profits by showing if your firm is on-budget with real-time insight
  • Reduce implementation time by up to 50% by using pre-configured worksheets and reports designed for law firms and professional services organizations
  • Skyrocket efficiency and accuracy with an automated system tailored for finance