Leading Information Broker Provides Search Assistance for 3E, Enterprise, Envision and MatterSphere

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 30, 2014 – Thomson Reuters Elite, part of the Legal business of Thomson Reuters, today announced that InfoTrack has become its newest Alliance partner. Based in Australia, InfoTrack is a market-leading information broker providing a fast and easy solution for property, corporate, and personal searching and affiliated services. Focusing on saving time and driving efficiency for every search, InfoTrack offers search capabilities for 3E, Enterprise, Envision, and MatterSphere. This offers a 40 percent savings in time when ordering searches and ensures the automatic capture of all costs, making them immediately available for billing.

“By partnering with InfoTrack, Elite clients can continue to maximize their investments in Thomson Reuters Elite products by seamlessly integrating key services such as online searching,” said InfoTrack Chief Technology Officer Scott Bozinis. “InfoTrack allows for improved processes and streamlined workflows, resulting in substantial time efficiencies for the firm and the eradication of search-related disbursement write-offs.”

With InfoTrack, clients can order searches directly from a matter, and information, including matter reference, is automatically pre-populated into search fields. Completed search results are returned directly back to the relevant matter, while cost recoveries are automatically captured on the client ledger in real-time.

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InfoTrack is a market leading information broker providing a fast and easy solution for property, corporate, and personal searching and affiliated services. InfoTrack has more than 13 years of experience servicing the legal and conveyancing industry and currently serves 4,000 law firms each month. For more information, visit InfoTrack.

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