Expertise Available for Customers Seeking Support for 3E Implementations, Upgrades, and Advice

March 26, 2020

Thomson Reuters Elite, part of the Legal Professionals division of Thomson Reuters, today announced a new Alliance partnership with Optimae Consulting Limited, an independent consultancy to law firms.

Based in the UK, Optimae Consulting assists its legal clients in maintaining, upgrading, or replacing their practice management systems (PMS). The firm’s founding members have decades of combined legal PMS experience, as well as complementary strategic, technical and operational skill sets which provide clients with best practice advice and services.

As a result of the partnership, 3E® customers can benefit from Optimae’s extensive product knowledge and vast experience in assisting law firms with planning and executing PMS projects across single, multi-location and global offices deployments. Having worked as consultants for both Elite and its law firm clients for a number of years, the Optimae team is well positioned to support customers on 3E implementations, upgrades and on-going business improvement efforts.

Alliance Partnerships are one of four partnership categories with Elite and are mutually beneficial relationships which play an integral role in the legal practice management ecosystem. They provide the ability to deliver value to global clients, from automating business processes to increasing profitability and collaborating to solve today’s pressing business challenges.

The Thomson Reuters Elite Partner Program connects our valued clients with expert technology, services, and consulting organizations that represent dozens of major brands that complement our business management solutions. The Elite Partner Program provides a one-stop global marketplace that fosters cooperation, streamlines the buy-sell cycle, and helps all involved achieve a competitive edge. Our partners are ready to innovate and collaborate with our clients to meet their technology needs head-on. For more information, visit Thomson Reuters Elite Partner Program.

3E from Thomson Reuters Elite offers an end-to-end enterprise business management solution that allows law firms and professional services organizations to run all operational aspects of their business. Designed from the ground up on Microsoft® .NET, 3E offers built-in application development capabilities. Why does it matter? The unique architecture enables firms to become more agile, lawyers to quickly respond to client needs, and staff to easily track and manage activity on any scale—from single-office to multi-office and multinational. 3E is the next-generation technology that can help firms improve efficiency, increase profitability, and confidently take on a future without limitations. For more information, visit 3E.

Optimae is a boutique technology consultancy based in the UK offering a range of professional services complementary to TRE’s 3E product suite, including infrastructure, integrations, customisations, business application and project management solutions. With in-depth knowledge of the 3E product delivery lifecycle and methodology, Optimae leverages experience developed over multiple 3E implementation projects and post-delivery consultations to maximise efficiency for TRE’s global client base. Explore your options further by visiting

Thomson Reuters Elite is the leading global provider of innovative business management solutions that enable law firms and professional services organizations to streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and increase visibility into all aspects of their businesses. Elite is focused on enabling firms of all sizes and locations to meet their true potential and provide the best service for their clients. For more information, visit Elite.