Version 2016.2 Gives Clients the Increased Insights They Need to Win More Business

August 5, 2016

Thomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, today announced the release of Business Development Premier 2016.2. The newest version of the end-to-end solution for every stage in the marketing lifecycle now gives clients deeper insights into the companies and professionals that are important to their firm, helping clients uncover and drive more business. An integral part of the Elite Enterprise Business Management Solution, Business Development Premier uncovers buried opportunities and delivers real-time insights to develop and win new business.

In Business Development Premier 2016.2, firms can view professional profiles of officers, directors, and companies they work with or are targeting. Firms can now make connections based on relationship data, employment history, education, affiliations, board memberships, as well as discover existing relationship strengths and even pinpoint when anyone in the firm last had communication with a prospect. In addition, person-matching enables firms to access relationship paths that let them go beyond first-degree connections to target second-degree connections across the firm.

For customers who have access to the Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center, this release of Business Development Premier (BDP) makes it possible to view litigation trends and analytics that could impact their business right from a Litigation tab on the Corporate Insights page. Clients can better understand recent litigation trends or activity and view merger and acquisition news for a selected company. With customizable views, clients can view the information that is most important to them in order to capitalize on the opportunities that have the biggest potential.

“The newest version of Business Development Premier helps our clients maximize relationships throughout the firm to build connections that lead to more business,” said Elisabet Hardy, vice president of Product Management at Elite. “Deeper insights on both companies and professionals and the ability to go beyond first degree contacts gives firms more leverage when trying to secure new business and strengthen existing relationships. When firms have commonalities that lend themselves to conversation starters, it can make a big difference in getting the business.”

Business Development Premier combines enterprise relationship management (ERM) technology, marketing automation, and experience management to drive more successful marketing and business development initiatives. Business Development Premier provides advanced functionality to help law firms and professional services organizations achieve significantly higher return on investment from their marketing and business development activities. For additional information, visit the Business Development Premier page.

Thomson Reuters Elite is the leading global provider of innovative business management solutions that enable law firms and professional services organizations to streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and increase visibility into all aspects of their businesses. Elite is focused on enabling firms of all sizes and locations to meet their true potential and provide the best service for their clients. For more information, visit Elite.