Latest Version of MatterSphere Enables Users to Easily Share Client Information through Secure Gateway

LOS ANGELES Sep. 5, 2014 – Thomson Reuters Elite, a leading global provider of enterprise business management solutions (EBMS) to professional services firms, today announced the launch of the MatterSphere Client Portal, the latest offering of the matter management component of the Client & Matter Management offerings. Firms upgrading to the MatterSphere Client Portal are able to give their clients 24/7 access to preselected case data through the solution’s secure gateway. Client & Matter Management is an integral segment of Elite’s EBMS, a comprehensive suite designed to help clients manage every aspect of their businesses, including business development, risk management, client and matter management, and financial management.

“We are excited to introduce a new, secure way for MatterSphere users to share case information and ultimately improve their client satisfaction with the easy-to-use MatterSphere Client Portal,” said Elisabet Hardy, vice president of Product Management at Elite. “This new MatterSphere add-on ultimately drives firm efficiency and improves productivity by significantly reducing the amount of time that timekeepers spend on client correspondence. With case data readily accessible, clients can keep themselves constantly up to speed as their cases progress.”

Because it is written in HTML5, the Web-based MatterSphere Client Portal is accessible across browsers and platforms, including the iPad. Clients of MatterSphere firms are able to update details, view and track matter milestones, and generate and download permissible reports with changeable parameters. Seamlessly integrated with MatterSphere’s document management solution, the MatterSphere Client Portal enables firms and their clients to upload and download critical documents, preventing occurrences of lost email attachments.

The MatterSphere Client Portal enables role-based access, which can be further configured, developed and branded to meet firm requirements. Additionally, firms have tight control over the types of data that are retrievable at the client end with the ability able to set various security settings.

For additional information about MatterSphere, visit Elite’s Client & Matter Management page.

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