Latest Version of MatterSphere Provides Users with Greater Flexibility, Reliability, and Security

May 11, 2015
Thomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, today released MatterSphere V6.3, the latest version of the matter management component of the Client & Matter Management offerings. MatterSphere V6.3 benefits clients by automating processes and providing insights that contribute to the overall security of the system and its information. Client & Matter Management is an integral segment of the Elite enterprise business management solution, a comprehensive suite designed to help clients manage every aspect of their businesses.

“The newest version of MatterSphere goes to the heart of some of the overall concerns in today’s legal industry. For instance, MatterSphere V6.3’s enhanced security capabilities provide users with a more robust and transparent security model, alongside a clear audit trail on changes made to records,” said Elisabet Hardy, vice president of Product Management of Elite.

Several features in MatterSphere V6.3 target enhanced security, including a completely revamped advanced security module that improves performance and stability and provides granular control over security levels for individual users as well as groups. A new auditing function also provides in-depth tracking on changes made by users, increasing their accountability and visibility.

Additional enhancements in MatterSphere V6.3 target convenience, efficiency, and compatibility with other key technologies, including a new mailer profiler that allows users to link emails to matters in MatterSphere’s document management system even while working offline. MatterSphere V6.3 also integrates with the latest editions of BigHand digital dictation, Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013, and Autonomy’s iManage (Worksite) V9.

“Introducing improved integrations with key systems and platforms is an extension of our ongoing efforts to make MatterSphere even more compatible and flexible for current and future clients,” added Hardy.

For additional information about MatterSphere, visit the Client & Matter Management page.

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