Latest Version Provides Users with Greater Flexibility and Customizable Options 

Jan. 11, 2016 

Thomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, today released Business Development Premier 2016.1. As an integral part of the Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise Business Management Solution, Business Development Premier provides a complete end-to-end system for the entire marketing lifecycle, coupling CRM with enterprise relationship management technology, experience management tools, competitive intelligence, and company profiles powered by Thomson Reuters. Business Development Premier automatically captures the most up-to-date information about a firm’s contacts, making that data accessible to users through its easily viewable and customizable database.

“This newest version offers enhancements and new functionalities designed to help users save time and work faster, all within a proven environment,” says Elisabet Hardy, vice president of Product Management of Elite. “No more switching from app to app, window to window, to view information and make connections. Now, our users can do it all from the easy vantage and view of Business Development Premier with more flexibility, timesaving automation, and increased flexibility.”

Business Development Premier 2016.1 brings added automated capabilities and client information, allowing users to view the information quickly, easily, and in the format that suits them best. One of the primary upgrades involves enhanced integration with Microsoft® Outlook® and Exchange. With the newest version, users can view firm relationships and corporate insights directly from within their Outlook inbox and calendar items with Exchange/Office 365TM and Exchange/Office 2013. In addition, users with Office 365 will have the option of employing automatic harvesting of mail, calendar, and address book data and syncing of Active Directory® users. A new function also auto-populates relevant NAICS information to CRM company listings. Users can also build their own firm industry and practice area hierarchies so the views suit their individual preferences.

Other enhancements include new report options, such as NAICS out-of-the-box reports displaying contacts and their related industries, CRM company summaries offering consolidated views of companies and related entities, and customizable list sponsorship reports of marketing lists and sponsorship data.

Business Development Premier combines enterprise relationship management (ERM) technology, marketing automation, and experience management to drive more successful marketing and business development initiatives. As an integral part of the Elite Enterprise Business Management Solution, Business Development Premier provides advanced functionality to help law firms and professional service organizations achieve significantly higher return on investment from their marketing and business development activities. For additional information, visit the Business Development Premier page.

Thomson Reuters Elite is the leading global provider of innovative business management solutions that enable law firms and professional services organizations to streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and increase visibility into all aspects of their businesses. Elite is focused on enabling firms of all sizes and locations to meet their true potential and provide the best service for their clients. For more information, visit Elite.