LOS ANGELES Jun. 5, 2014 – Thomson Reuters Elite, a leading global provider of enterprise business management solutions (EBMS) to professional services firms, today released MatterSphere V6.0, the latest version of the matter management component of the Client & Matter Management offerings. Client & Matter Management is an integral segment of Elite’s EBMS, a comprehensive suite designed to help clients manage every aspect of their businesses, including business development, risk management, client and matter management, and financial management.

Designed to optimize firm efficiency MatterSphere V6.0 introduces several enhancements to the solution’s core engine to provide even greater convenience and ease of use throughout day-to-day activities:

  • PDF Precedents – Workflows are streamlined for required government documents by enabling clients to create PDF precedents. These PDFs can also be shared externally.
  • Document Bundling – Clients can create a single PDF file for all documents against a matter with MatterSphere V6.0’s document bundling capabilities. Multiple documents can also be produced at once with the new bulk printing feature.
  • Document Internal Linking – This collaborative feature makes it easy for internal teams to share documents internally using email links.
  • Microsoft Office Support – MatterSphere V6.0 will be compatible with Office 2013.

“After a successful Beta program, we are excited for all MatterSphere clients to be able to leverage the improved convenience and greater ease of use MatterSphere V6.0 has been strategically developed to provide,” said Elisabet Hardy, vice president of Thomson Reuters Elite. “The primary goal for MatterSphere has always been to help clients boost collaboration, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. By optimizing internal processes, the enhanced functionality of MatterSphere V6.0 creates significant advantages for MatterSphere firms, ultimately providing greater benefits for their clients.”

For additional information, visit Thomson Reuters Elite’s Client & Matter Management page.

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