Next-level Document Automation Design Helps Clients Optimize Document Processes and Support Future Growth

December 12, 2016

Thomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, today announced the launch of Design Gallery™ 3.0.0, which offers several enhancements to help clients improve the efficiency of their daily activities. The solution has been completely overhauled to introduce new integrations and an updated user interface, providing a more convenient and effective approach to document automation. Design Gallery is a next-generation solution that manages the collection, reorganization, conversion, and distribution of data available within Enterprise® and 3E®.

“The newest version of Design Gallery has been redesigned from end to end, providing a flexible, yet reliable, platform from which clients can effectively carry out their document processes for years to come,” said Elisabet Hardy, vice president of Product Management at Elite. “New integration and collaboration capabilities within a broad set of design tools enable 3E and Enterprise clients to seamlessly transform critical data into valuable business assets.”

Supported by the Windows® Workflow Foundation, the core functionality of Design Gallery has been redesigned to equip clients with a higher level of control over more agile document automation capabilities. Improved administrative tools further increase the solution’s stability and dependability by providing greater visibility into the server environment. Refreshed and newly integrated design tools, including Visual Designer and Process Manager Designer, make solution development more seamless and standardized.

Through its advanced design, Design Gallery transforms data into a variety of document types and distributes the formatted output quickly and efficiently. Because Design Gallery runs as a true server-based solution, no log-in or Microsoft Office® installation is required in the production environment. For more information, visit Design Gallery.

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