3E, Enterprise, and MatterSphere Clients Gain Access to Comprehensive Online Information Search, National Manual Settlements, and Electronic Conveyancing Services

Feb. 1, 2016

Thomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, today announced a new partnership with GlobalX Legal Solutions, Australia’s leading provider of online information and conveyancing and legal support services. GlobalX has a history of providing legal professionals with robust, quality legal services. Its award-winning solutions are supported by a team of nearly 300 associates who can help Elite clients optimize their capability and capacity to deliver quality customer service.

As Australia’s largest provider of settlement and legal support services to practitioners, GlobalX enables 3E®, Enterprise™, and MatterSphere® clients to make property settlement bookings directly from each matter with minimal data entry, streamlining the conveyancing process for thousands of professionals. Clients can perform quick and accurate searches from hundreds of national and international authorities and retrieve relevant documents and billing records within the GlobalX Online Search Platform in real-time, thereby eliminating unnecessary administration to optimize workflow.

GlobalX’s CEO Peter Maloney commented, “The partnership provides clients with direct access to innovation in the information search and conveyancing space, with an online settlement booking service and electronic conveyancing functionality via integration with the PEXA platform. Our breadth of knowledge and industry experience spans the nation, and we are eager to help Elite clients improve their daily productivity through our integrated suite of legal solutions and services.”

“Because the online information services offered by GlobalX seamlessly integrate with Elite practice management solutions, they enable Elite clients to instantly and easily retrieve the documents and billing information they need to centralize critical information and recover searching costs,” said Elisabet Hardy, vice president of Product Management at Elite. “GlobalX provides access to the most up-to-date online information, so clients can rest assured that they have the right information, in the right format, at the right time.”

The Elite Global Strategic Alliance Program provides a one-stop global marketplace that fosters cooperation, streamlines the buy-sell cycle and helps all involved achieve a competitive edge. Elite partners are experienced technology, services and consulting organizations ready to innovate, collaborate and help our clients solve their most pressing business challenges. Visit the Global Strategic Alliance Program to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Elite.

GlobalX is a market leading provider of integrated and innovative online information and workflow solutions that advance productivity and effectiveness for legal and conveyancing practitioners across Australia. GlobalX combines industry experience, national presence, and innovative technology to deliver accurate, trusted, and critical information to the legal, conveyancing, and business communities. Each day, through online information, practice management software (Open Practice), and conveyancing and legal support services, they make it easier for law firms and settlement agents to access the right information, in the right format at the right time.

With operations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Adelaide, GlobalX offers a truly national service offering. GlobalX Legal Solutions in July 2014 signed a landmark agreement with Property Exchange Australia Limited (PEXA) to be the first sponsor of PEXA enabling the technology giant to deliver electronic property transactions to thousands of lawyers and conveyancers in 2015. For more information about GlobalX Legal Solutions, visit globalx.com.au

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