Integration Partnership Improves Clients’ Ability to Access and Share Documents On the Go 

April 18, 2016

Thomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, today announced that it has signed Nikec Solutions as an Integration partner to help 3E®, Enterprise™, ProLaw®, and MatterSphere® clients simplify their document management and collaboration processes. The company is a global provider of solutions for secure document sharing and collaboration, as well as document workflow and for cost recovery and print management. Its main aim is to help law firms enhance business efficiency and provide support for the paperless office.

Nikec helps Elite clients improve workflows by enhancing their document security and synchronization capabilities. Replicating a traditional paper binder, the Nikec Binder solution collates digital documents in a single file to help clients quickly and conveniently organize and archive matters, as well as other project-related documents and folders. These critical assets are secured through the encrypted NiKec Hub, a portal from which clients can exchange information, resources, comments, and ideas with colleagues, clients, counsel, and suppliers.

“Nikec technologies benefit Elite clients with a better way of presenting and working with documents, ultimately streamlining their workflows and making document management and collaboration easier,” said Damian Jeal, VP of Global Sales at NiKec Solutions. “Clients that integrate our solutions can share various documents such as projects and matters, as well as financial management information directly from their Elite document and financial management systems. The on premise or cloud-based infrastructure also alleviates the need to develop custom extranets in-house, saving considerable development time and maintenance costs for firms overall.”

“Elite solutions are strategically designed to deliver convenient access to case and matter information from a centralized legal document management system, and Nikec helps make processes even more fluid,” said Elisabet Hardy, vice president of Product Management for Elite. “Nikec technologies can further simplify clients’ document workflows with easy-to-use and secure file sharing functionality that is always available to them, no matter where they may be.”

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Nikec Solutions has helped businesses across the globe enhance their efficiency through technology since 1997. Nikec Solutions initially specialised in helping law firms implement a cost recovery strategy using the Copitrak system, firstly across Europe via the UK and French offices and then throughout Asia, as of 2001, via a Hong Kong office. As a trusted advisor to many global law firms and with extensive international experience, their expertise has naturally evolved with their own developed solutions tailored for law firms. Today they are able to advise businesses on a multitude of solutions around the world, enhancing their business efficiency and aiding their less paper office initiatives.
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