New Partnership Will Offer Clients Full Access to Their Internal Knowledge Bank  

Oct 5, 2017

Thomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, today announced a new Integration Partnership with ProFinda, an award winning internal expertise finding platform provider that intelligently organizes people around work. The ProFinda solution is a blend of years of research in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Behavioural Psychology. This is coupled with real world experience of deploying new technology into enterprise level organizations.

ProFinda will allow Elite clients to build an entire map of all the skills, knowledge, connections, and expertise available across a company, providing a single view of an organization’s talent pool. The system then allows employees to find expertise internally, enabling more efficient project resourcing, collaboration, and skills mapping.

Clients will be able to leverage ProFinda technology to enable greater seamless access to their experts internally. This will not only increase firm-wide efficiencies by delivering access to their entire company’s internal knowledge bank on demand but will also greatly free up lawyer time to focus on fee earning work.

“We’re delighted to form this new partnership between ProFinda and Thomson Reuters Elite, providing 3E® clients with access to a highly effective, optimized suite of products, services and solutions” said Seb Haire, Co-Founder, ProFinda. “The partnership will give ProFinda exposure to new markets and will ensure we can continually optimize and deliver on our product roadmap of improvements and new features.”

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International technology company ProFinda provides an internal intelligent expertise finding platform for mid to enterprise level organisations. Since launching in 2011, ProFinda has expanded their client, strategic partner and user base substantially with users now in 1,284 cites globally. To date ProFinda has featured at The White House, Davos and is helping to shape the workforce of the future through their new approach to disrupting the talent landscape. To find out more about ProFinda, and partnership opportunities – visit:

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