New Partnership Will Further Improve Client Document and Email Management Capabilities for Design Gallery Customers

Dec. 6, 2016

Thomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, today announced a new Integration Partnership with NetDocuments, a leading native cloud-based document and email management company serving law firms and corporate legal customers across 140 countries. By leveraging the NetDocuments document management technology and enterprise search capabilities, Design Gallery will be able to better streamline the collection, conversion, and distribution of client data and deliver significant cost and time savings for legal professionals.

A leader in cloud-based document management since 1999, NetDocuments offers a suite of document and email management, security, compliance, mobility, collaboration and disaster recovery features, paired with an innovative enterprise search function that both reduces costs and increases productivity for its users.

“NetDocuments has a proven track record in delivering the most modern cloud-based DMS platform to the legal industry,” said Travis Reed, Technology Partnership Program Director at NetDocuments. “This exciting new partnership will help Design Gallery users significantly improve their daily productivity through our integrated suite of services, furthering NetDocuments’ commitment to delivering the most innovative DMS available on the market today.”

As part of the Elite Global Strategic Alliance Program, the partnership with NetDocuments will continue to expand in 2017 and beyond with further integration with Elite’s market-leading client and matter management system MatterSphere® and financial management offering 3E®.

To learn more about the new NetDocuments and Thomson Reuters Elite partnership, please visit

Through its advanced design, Design Gallery transforms data into a variety of document types and distributes the formatted output quickly and efficiently. The solution handles high throughput with ease, producing an average of 10 pages per second. Because Design Gallery runs as a true server solution, no log-in or Microsoft Office® installation is required in the production environment. For more information, visit

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Founded in 1999, NetDocuments’ cloud-based service allows firms of all sizes to reduce costs and increase security, mobility, compliance, and disaster recovery for documents and email from anywhere and on any device. With offices and datacenters in the US, Australia, and the UK, and with over 2,000+ customers and hundreds of thousands of users, NetDocuments is able to effectively service its global community spread across 140 countries. With anytime, anywhere access, firms are able to increase productivity and improve the client experience through a comprehensive cloud-based service. For more information about NetDocuments, please visit

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