Upgraded Version Benefits Engage Clients with Enhanced Capabilities of Core Technology

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 15, 2014 – Thomson Reuters Elite, a leading global provider of enterprise business management solutions (EBMS), today announced the latest release of its legal project management offering Engage. From a new user interface color scheme to more robust reporting options, Engage V1.17 includes several key enhancements in response to client feedback to provide an improved user experience.

“The new Engage V1.17 offers a wide range of system upgrades to improve client efficiency on many fronts,” said Elisabet Hardy, vice president of Product Management for Elite. “Engage was designed to help firms maintain their competitive edge as the pressures of delivering profitable matters continue to rise. The core enhancements of Engage V1.17 better equip our clients to meet their growing demands, while also increasing their levels of transparency, predictability, and accountability.”

Engage, part of Client & Matter Management from Elite, combines the ability to rapidly create highly accurate cost management budgets with legal project management tools designed to help lawyers successfully plan and manage to those budgets. Engage was designed with input from lawyers and other legal professionals to mimic the way lawyers work. A step-by-step process enables firms to build thorough plans and automatically builds out precise budgets along the way.

Engage V1.17 introduces several new updates to simplify planning, tracking, and reporting processes. Clients can now use “What If” scenarios to easily compare various fee options and create discounts, while target collar values can be entered to specify incentive pricing with rewards and penalties. Reports can be generated on matters with collars to predict profitability, and scope change tracking has been extended to all budget types, disbursements, and third-party details. A simplified reporting process also enables clients to view budget and performance data across matters from multiple clients and practice groups using various filter criteria.

For additional information about Engage V1.17, watch this brief video demonstration.

To learn more about legal project management, the American Bar Association (ABA) has published “The Power of Legal Project Management: A Practical Handbook”, a complete reference for firms implementing software solutions, which includes a contribution by Elite on Engage.

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