New Partnership Benefits Clients in the Government Sector with ProLaw Customizations

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 2, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite today announced a new Services partnership with Sophus Consulting to leverage the functionality and flexibility of ProLaw to meet the specific requirements of clients in the government legal industry. Sophus Consulting provides ProLaw consulting services to public sector clients, with services spanning the system implementation lifecycle from vision through architecture, design and change management to post-implementation monitoring and support.

Sophus Consulting is dedicated to public sector case management implementations, system integrations, legacy database conversions, and capturing critical information through reporting and Business Intelligence solutions. Its expertise is founded upon successful collaborative projects with municipal legal agencies, city attorneys, state attorneys general, state departments of justices and county counsel offices. Sophus Consulting provides ProLaw users with targeted solutions for practice areas ranging from criminal prosecution, public protection, licensing enforcement and human services to records requests, consumer complaints, environmental collections and child protection.

“Our consultants are passionate about delivering the best possible results for clients through collaboration, communication, professionalism and decades of government case management experience,” said Sophus Consulting Principal Angelo Whitfield. “Because we understand government’s organizational and legal mandates, we can design systems to support diverse practice areas, automate people-driven processes and enable Thomson Reuters Elite clients to leverage information entered into ProLaw for improved practice management. Our ProLaw designs target clients’ management, legal practice, and legislative reporting needs, including budget change proposals, professional workload, case outcomes and cost recovery.”

Sophus Consulting’s implementation and technical teams develop solutions that address common government concerns such as limited IT budgets, secure ethical walls between practice areas, government accounting models, and efficient case management workflow, while ensuring effective information tracking and management. Sophus Consulting is not focused just on the technical delivery of these solutions, but rather advising state agencies on how they can best leverage case management by improving processes, eliminating risk and delivering operational success.

“Partnering with a company that incorporates decades of government, legal, and ProLaw-specific expertise provides our clients in the government legal industry with a distinct advantage,” said Cary Burch, president of Thomson Reuters Elite. “We work with Sophus Consulting so our clients can not only experience a successful ProLaw implementation, but also utilize the solution to its fullest potential by analyzing databases and making recommendations to better optimize, secure, and streamline existing procedures.”

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About Sophus Consulting
Sophus Consulting focuses on sector-specific services with functionally specialized advice. The strength of the firm is its concentrated market focus and expertise in recognizing, understanding, and servicing state and local government agency needs. Its consultants are skilled in bringing together the perspective of the unique government culture, employees, information systems, and business processes. For more information or a complimentary initial consultation, visit Sophus Consulting.

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