LOS ANGELES, Mar. 4, 2013 - Thomson Reuters Elite recently launched a new version of its Paperless Proforma solution for Elite Enterprise customers. The latest edition of the intuitive, browser-based pre-bill distribution and mark-up solution includes new features which make it more customizable and collaborative than ever before.

Paperless Proforma allows users to eliminate cumbersome and inefficient manual proforma distribution and procedures. The solution reduces the chance of human error, streamlines the pre-billing process, and allows users to speed up invoicing, which, in turn, improves cash flow for their business.

The newly released version of the Paperless Proforma solution, version 4.2, features the following enhancements:

  • Full support for Unicode and international dates/numbers throughout the product
  • Collaboration: Add User - Ability to filter list by typing in the user IDs or names
  • Ability to define default columns and sort orders for individual proforma list types
  • Honoring of Elite Enterprise matter-level hour increment settings
  • "Archive list for timekeepers
  • Field audits for UDFs values in Details screen
  • Addition of 'last transaction' columns on proforma lists
  • Fully viewable narratives in the time and cost card grid lists within Details
  • Ability with customizations to control Detail views based on user/group/state information
  • Collaboration: Configurable addition (via the Connector) of Supervising and Originating timekeepers
  • The ability to un-archive an auto-archived proforma

For more information, please visit Paperless Proforma.

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