eBillingHub Introduces Advanced Functionality to Help Clients Track the KPIs They Value Most

LOS ANGELES, July 29, 2014 – eBillingHub, the leader in legal e-billing, today announced its new Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard that benefits clients with real-time views into the most intricate details of their e-billing performance. The KPI Dashboard equips eBillingHub clients with the power and flexibility they need to measure performance as they retrieve their billing information in easily viewed graphic reports, customized to meet their specific needs.

“The KPI Dashboard provides cutting-edge, easy-to-understand visualization capabilities from a highly configurable and intuitive platform,” said Carlos Seoane, general manager of eBillingHub. “As an established leader in simplifying the e-billing process for firms worldwide, we are thrilled to offer eBillingHub clients this new window into their financial health, equipping them with an extensive built-in library of KPIs to customize how they view their billing data.”

The KPI Dashboard was developed as a joint effort between eBillingHub and Helm360. “We were excited to work with eBillingHub to design an intuitively intelligent reporting feature to enhance the already robust capabilities of eBillingHub,” states Bill Green, Helm360 Executive Vice President.

eBillingHub’s new KPI Dashboard is an add-on capability that offers holistic views of data displayed at monthly, quarterly, and annual multi-time dimension intervals. Clients are able to identify details and relationships previously hidden, as radial menus enable users to roll up for the big picture or drill down to details. With comprehensive grouping and filtering capabilities, the KPI Dashboard provides the flexibility clients need to fully explore eBillingHub and manipulate data in the most meaningful ways.

The KPI Pre Seeded library makes it easy to build out custom data views. Configurable metrics are available to monitor aging accounts receivable, collection status, billing progress, and more. Custom KPIs can be easily saved as Favorites, while report templates being utilized by other eBillingHub clients can be shared in My Community.

Accessible through mobile platforms, the KPI Dashboard benefits clients with the anytime, anywhere access they need to track and monitor crucial billing events as they unfold. Triggers and alerts can be set to notify users as soon as certain thresholds are hit, keeping clients constantly abreast of any potential e-billing issues.

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