Leading Irish Law Firm to Utilize Express Service Package for Rapid Deployment in Less Than 12 Months

September 27 2016

Thomson Reuters Elite, part of Thomson Reuters Legal, today announced that leading Irish law firm Mason Hayes & Curran will be making the transition from its existing Enterprise™ system to 3E® in order to support the firm as it grows in the future. 3E is an integral component of the Elite Enterprise Business Management Solution, with robust workflow and automation capabilities and a scalable foundation built to help firms manage all operational aspects of their businesses.

Mason Hayes & Curran is a full-service business law firm with 80 partners and offices in Dublin, New York and London. 3E was selected after a thorough market review process, with 3E winning out in the end with its ability to maximize scalability and flexibility to help the firm meet its unique business needs. The choice of 3E will also ensure seamless integration of the firm’s finance, new business intake, conflicts and record management, time entry, and business intelligence systems. For its transition, the firm will be utilizing the Express Service Package (ESP) from Elite, which enables rapid deployment of a highly standardized 3E configuration in just 9 to 12 months.

“Client service is at the heart of everything we do in Mason Hayes & Curran,” said Des Murray, Director of Finance at Mason Hayes & Curran. “Migrating to 3E will allow us to continue and enhance the high level of service we provide to clients. 3E is a natural choice for us given our reputation for cutting-edge legal advice and rapid response times.”

“Mason Hayes & Curran have a long standing relationship with Elite, and the firm’s transition to 3E was a natural next step in order to obtain huge benefits for the firm,” said Elisabet Hardy, vice president of Product Management at Elite. “We are very pleased with their selection, as more and more firms are choosing to invest in futureproof technology from Elite. It is clear that the powerful and scalable 3E solution is the best option for law firms to be able to adapt to fast-changing business requirements.”

3E offers powerful core financial and practice management features and built-in application development capabilities – all seamlessly integrated into one high-performance system. Designed from the ground up on Microsoft .NET, 3E provides an integrated development environment that enables firms to become more agile in responding to client needs. A full suite of capabilities is delivered through a consistent Web-based user experience that allows staff to easily track and manage activity on a multi-office, global scale. Visit 3E for more information.

Mason Hayes & Curran is an award-winning law firm providing consistently excellent advice and service to a broad range of multi-national, institutional and government clients.  The firm has tripled in size and revenue in the last decade and now employs over 450 staff in its Dublin, London and New York office.

Key areas of expertise include Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities Law, Tax, Financial Services and Litigation across a range of sectors including Energy, Healthcare, Technology, Real Estate and Banking.

Thomson Reuters Elite is the leading global provider of innovative business management solutions that enable law firms and professional services organizations to streamline operations, maximize efficiency, and increase visibility into all aspects of their businesses. Elite is focused on enabling firms of all sizes and locations to meet their true potential and provide the best service for their clients. For more information, visit Elite.