Engage Enhances Client Engagement and Loyalty for Early Adopter of LPM Practices

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 13, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite today announced Loeb & Loeb LLP, a multi-service law firm with more than 300 attorneys throughout five offices in the U.S. and two offices in Asia, is successfully deploying Engage. Engage is a full-spectrum legal project management (LPM) and budgeting solution that enables Loeb & Loeb’s attorneys to collaborate with clients to plan, budget, manage, communicate, and review requirements for specific matters by stage and task.

“The goal with Engage is to improve the client’s experience. We now have a platform in place that supports us in three areas: comprehensive planning and budgeting for individual matters, better alignment of pricing with the value of services delivered rather than the number of hours worked, and improved management of matters to ensure the work is being done according to plan,” said Loeb & Loeb Chairman Michael D. Beck.

“Our commitment to LPM is an illustration of how we partner with our clients to provide enhanced service and deliver superior value. Investing in a cutting-edge technology platform represents a core component of our commitment to change our business model in the new normal. The predictability and transparency we are able to provide with Engage will give us a competitive advantage, positioning Loeb & Loeb as a forward-thinking firm,” said David S. Schaefer, Deputy Chairman and the partner in charge of the firm’s practice management initiative.

Engage is the first LPM solution that provides step-by-step tools for firms to manage alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) and other matters effectively through their entire life cycles. Engage has the budgeting tools firms need to meet client expectations for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Loeb & Loeb endeavors to work with all its clients to develop detailed plans that better position attorneys to closely monitor matters and execute on goals. Engage promotes regular communication to identify unanticipated issues and help the matters stay on track. When matters close, attorneys and their clients can review and build on their successes.

“Loeb & Loeb’s success with Engage showcases the platform’s ability to provide predictable pricing, client outcomes that meet and exceed expectations, and profitable bottom lines for nationally recognized and highly reputable firms,” said Dan O’Day, vice president of operations for Engage. “With this robust solution, Loeb & Loeb is able to achieve transparency by establishing open lines of communication, resulting in more dynamic relationships with its clients.”

About Loeb & Loeb LLP
Loeb & Loeb focuses on select core industries and practice areas, rather than endeavoring to be all things to all clients. The firm is recognized as a leading law firm in the areas of capital markets; consumer protection defense; corporate; media and entertainment; intellectual property; litigation; real estate; technology; and tax and wealth services. Loeb & Loeb has six offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Nashville, Washington, DC, and Beijing, as well as an affiliate office in Hong Kong. For more information, visit Loeb & Loeb.

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