Virginia-based Firm Decides to Roll Out 3E to Support Varied Needs over the Long-term

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 12, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite today announced that Kaufman & Canoles has become the latest firm to select the 3E practice and financial management solution. Kaufman & Canoles is the largest law firm headquartered in southeastern Virginia, serving national and regional clients in a broad range of legal specialties. The firm made the decision to replace its existing solution with the powerful financial and performance features of 3E in order to streamline current processes and adapt to its changing needs well into the future.

Evaluating both 3E and solutions from their current vendor, the firm’s decision makers determined that 3E’s robust technology platform ensures that the solution will continue to provide value for the long term, catering to their current needs and supporting the firm’s capacity to quickly adapt to new business requirements as they arise.

“The decision to implement 3E was a unanimous one,” said Kaufman & Canoles CIO Sandra Stovall. “Not only did we determine 3E to be capable of providing our firm with the highest reward at the lowest conversion risk, we feel that Thomson Reuters Elite is the best partner to provide our firm with optimal value in the long run.”

Looking to meet specific requirements in terms of functionality and performance, the firm’s decision makers were drawn to 3E for its workflow, reporting, and overall financial management capabilities. 3E’s built-in workflow enables rapid streamlining of the firm’s operations and the automation of processes based upon firm-specific business rules and approval procedures, all while maintaining centralized controls around client requirements. 3E’s high performance, Web-based platform also includes mobile compatibility, benefitting the firm’s users with remote access wherever they go.

“We are very excited that Kaufman & Canoles considers Thomson Reuters Elite to be the most trusted and reliable partner to help the firm keep up with its rapidly evolving pace,” said Eric Sugden, Chief Technology Officer Thomson Reuters Elite. “From 3E’s single database, Kaufman & Canoles can streamline the full range of its accounting and financial reporting activities, gain better visibility into business performance, and replace more of its third party applications.”

3E offers powerful core financial and practice management features and built-in application development capabilities – all seamlessly integrated into one high-performance system. Designed from the ground up on Microsoft.NET, 3E provides an integrated development environment that enables firms to become more agile in responding to client needs. A full suite of capabilities is delivered through a consistent Web-based user experience that allows staff to easily track and manage activity on a multi-office, global scale.

About Kaufman & Canoles
Kaufman & Canoles has seven offices throughout Virginia and has developed its business law practice to become the largest law firm headquartered in southeastern Virginia. With Kaufman & Canoles on the team, clients gain the strength of experience, entrepreneurial spirit and “KanDo” attitude to overcome challenges and achieve success. The firm’s clients receive assistance in a broad range of legal specialties, including commercial and banking law; business investments; acquisitions and joint ventures; real estate transfers, leasings and financings; corporate and partnership taxation; estate planning; intellectual property; computer law; securities; antitrust; immigration; labor and employment; employee benefits; regulatory compliance; environmental law; public finance; health care law; mediation and arbitration, and litigation. For more information, please visit Kaufman & Canoles.

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