Experienced Consultants Optimize Client IT Management with New Services Partnership

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 4, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite today announced that Fusion IT Management has signed on the latest Services partner, helping clients effectively manage solutions and meet their specific IT needs. For more than a decade Fusion has been an advisor to small and medium-sized law firms in Yorkshire and beyond. Its remote support technicians provide service, support, advice, and assistance for all IT matters, while the business analysis and development team focuses specifically on helping clients get the most out of their products through integration and customization.

The partnership connects Thomson Reuters Elite clients with Fusion’s highly trained consultants to determine the best course of action for their IT systems. Its team of experts works to resolve challenges and assist with implementation, third party integration, training, and ongoing recommendations. Because consultants are equipped with extensive legal and software knowledge, they are also able to tailor their approach to meet the clients’ particular needs and requirements.

“By developing custom solutions to address Thomson Reuters Elite clients’ specific requirements, we are able to help increase productivity, save time, and maximize the value of their Elite products and IT infrastructure.” said Fusion Managing Director Jamie Watson. “Our proactive approach to Support and close attention to detail in development ensures that our clients are able to concentrate on their workload and leave us to worry about the I.T.”

“As recent industry trends such as cloud computing continue to gain momentum, the IT services landscape is also shifting with offsite assistance becoming for common,” Thomson Reuters Elite President Cary Burch said. “Rather than being limited by the knowledge of a single in-house technician, Thomson Reuters Elite clients benefit from the broader spectrum of expertise within Fusion’s team of experienced consultants. These diversely skilled engineers quickly address system complexities and craft solutions to each client’s specific requirements, helping them run their IT systems to the fullest potential.”

The Thomson Reuters Elite Partner Program provides a one-stop global marketplace that fosters cooperation, streamlines the buy-sell cycle and helps all involved achieve a competitive edge. Elite partners are experienced technology, services and consulting organizations ready to innovate, collaborate and help our clients solve their most pressing business challenges. Visit the Elite Partner Program to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Thomson Reuters Elite.

About Fusion IT Management
Fusion’s fresh approach to IT support, impartial advice on products and services, IT management and development experience make it an optimal choice for IT support in the Yorkshire and Lancashire regions. It works in the best interests of its clients and ensures that they get the proper service, support, advice and assistance in all IT matters. For more information, visit Fusion IT Management.

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