Newly Upgraded Full-spectrum Legal Practice Management Solution Helps Clients Increase Efficiency and Improve Profitability

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 17, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite today released the latest version of the Envision full-spectrum legal practice management solution with several functionality enhancements. Designed to help clients run their firms more efficiently and profitably, key areas of improvement in Envision version 11 include billing, contact management, document management, as well as many other core enhancements.

“Because Envision is a single all-inclusive solution, it is crucial that it remains on the leading-edge in all of its practice areas,” said Cary Burch, president of Thomson Reuters Elite. “Envision version 11 includes several enhancements to both front- and back-ends to ensure clients are staying competitive and maximizing their technology investments ubiquitously.”

Improved financial management in Envision version 11 helps clients streamline billing with faster processing and collection times. More thorough record keeping in contact management and automated email filing in document management make it easier for users to track and maintain client relationships. Additional features in version 11 include updates to the purchase ledger and more detailed views of overall marketing practices.

Today’s official release of Envision version 11 follows a successful Beta program. Highlighted features from UK-based Beta client Pemberton Greenish include more seamless billing workflows, more in-depth contact management capabilities, and time-saving automatic document management filing. The client also noted the upgrade for its smooth and quick implementation in which no billable hours were compromised.

Burch commented, “After receiving such positive feedback from the Beta program, we are confident that Envision version 11 will benefit clients choosing to upgrade in equally meaningful ways. With the constant and rapid changes in technology and industry trends, Envision clients can expect the award-winning solution to continue evolve to meet their growing needs.”

Click here to view the Pemberton Greenish Envision version 11 case study.

Envision, formerly known as LawSoft, is one of the most comprehensive business tools available for law firms and includes practice, financial, matter, case, document, and client relationship management solutions. It was one of the earliest solutions built from the ground up to use Microsoft SQL Server as its underlying database engine. Envision was also the first UK law firm solution to be built on an integrated workflow engine to support complete process management. Visit Envision >>

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