Full-spectrum Legal Practice Management Solution Introduces New Name and Version after Significant Market Growth

LOS ANGELES, May 21, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite today announced the rebranding of LawSoft and the newest release of the award-winning solution. Now officially named Envision, version 11 of the integrated practice management solution is designed with many key enhancements to help clients increase both efficiency and productivity.

As Envision continues to expand in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Africa, its new name more accurately encompasses its purpose of helping mid-market firms in these regions execute on their strategic goals. Envision replaces all aspects of the LawSoft brand, while offering the same integrated modules focused on practice, financial, matter, case, document, and client relationship management.

“We are very excited to introduce Envision, along with the new, cutting-edge functionality of version 11,” said Cary Burch, president of Thomson Reuters Elite. “Clients can continue to expect the same superior performance and service from Envision, and those choosing to upgrade are maximizing their technology investments with several core platform enhancements.”

The enhanced features of Envision version 11, which is scheduled for general release on June 17, 2013, includes enhanced desktop billing that increases billing accuracy and efficiency; automated document management functionality that streamlines email management; and several other core platform enhancements designed to help firms get the most out of their technology.

“Envision’s new functionality in version 11 has already been very well received, and we are looking forward to the official release,” said Burch. “Positive feedback from the Beta program includes more seamless billing workflows, more in-depth contact management capabilities, and time-saving automatic document management filing. Upgrading to version 11 was also noted for its smooth and quick implementation in which no billable hours were compromised.”

According to IT Manager Michael Kinnear of UK-Based Pemberton Greenish, the firm has been a Beta client throughout several release upgrades in order to take advantage of the latest benefits. “We enjoy being a Beta client for Envision as it presents the unique opportunity to try out the latest technology and have input on product development. A massive benefit of this transition is that we didn’t lose any billable hours,” he says. “We are a firm that has to generate fees, and everyone was able to continue working on the first day after the upgrade. This helps make our staff more efficient and profitable.”

Envision is one of the most comprehensive business tools available for law firms and includes practice, financial, matter, case, document, and client relationship management solutions. It was one of the earliest solutions built from the ground up to use Microsoft SQL Server as its underlying database engine. Envision was also the first UK law firm solution to be built on an integrated workflow engine to support complete process management.

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