Numerous Improvements Offer Clients Enhanced User Experience

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 18, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite has today launched Enterprise 3.10 and WebView 5.5, offering users of these market-leading platforms an even more enhanced and streamlined financial and practice management process than ever before.

Cary Burch, president of Thomson Reuters Elite, commented, “We are delighted to offer the improved versions of Enterprise 3.10 and WebView 5.5. Direct client feedback drove the majority of these enhancements. This is yet another great example of our organization listening to clients and truly delivering to meet their needs."

The updates provide a number of key benefits to clients, including additional control options to streamline processes, and enhanced inquiry and reporting capabilities that provide increased visibility and analysis. The updated versions also boast improved integration aimed at vastly reducing the chance of information becoming siloed, as well as additional security options that limit access and increase safeguards.

The new release of WebView, an upgraded version of Elite’s software that allows users to more easily retrieve data anytime, also includes additional options to control access to proformas, bills and expense reports. Additional matter data includes bill templates, follow up templates, fixed fee amounts, markup amounts and billing frequencies. A new "Global Timecards" feature allows clients to edit and update a queried list of timecards on a single page. The improved WebView 5.5 also allows users to drill down to payment details on the "invoice history" and "unpaid invoices" pages.

According to Burch, the new release of Enterprise 3.10 and WebView 5.5 enhances the solutions so that users can operate even more effectively. “This launch will offer our clients many improvements, all aimed at delivering an enhanced user experience.”

To learn more about Enterprise 3.10 and WebView 5.5, please visit Enterprise.

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