New Release Delivers Enhanced Workflows, Greater Ease of Use, and Continued Modernization

May 12, 2021

Billing departments everywhere are facing rising demands to “do more with less” while reducing billing barriers and ensuring cash flow remains consistent. Building on this demand for solutions that can help ease the burden of billing, the release of eBillingHub® 5.0 from Thomson Reuters delivers enhanced workflows and overall greater ease of use to help save time and speed cash flow.

eBillingHub 5.0 delivers a completely redesigned and rich user interface designed to improve workflows so users can complete their work faster. More relevant information and visible fields that are easily accessible help users know at a glance where action is needed. Advanced filtering tools also make it easy to sort and view invoices in a way that is most valuable for a firm.

The newest release also includes security updates with the move to Microsoft® Azure®, the industry-leading security platform. In addition, users can now use eBillingHub from any modern web browser, including Chrome and Edge.

In addition, this release addresses the need of billing departments to determine why invoices are being rejected or not paid. The interactive Validation summary in eBillingHub 5.0 helps firms quickly and easily identify errors before bills are submitted, helping to reduce errors and help firms get paid faster.

To learn more about the eBillingHub 5.0 release, request a demo today.

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