Experienced Financial and Reporting Consultancy Helps Thomson Reuters Elite Clients Optimize ROI

LOS ANGELES, Jun. 10, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite today announced that London-based consulting firm DW Reporting has joined as an Alliance partner to deliver first-class consultancy services to Elite clients. DW Reporting is a finance systems and reporting consultancy, specializing in practice management software and reporting solutions within the legal industry.

Equipped with more than 30 years of experience with Elite solutions, DW Reporting consultants are proficient in optimizing 3E® and Enterprise™ practice management solutions. From full life-cycle project management to bespoke financial reports, DW Reporting helps Elite clients receive maximum returns from their investments.

DW Reporting’s in-depth legal expertise combines best practice processes and in-house legal experience to help clients overcome day-to-day challenges and deliver on their exact requirements. Consultants strive to assist in the seamless and automated delivery of data and provide reporting and analytical tools to help clients make key business decisions.

“In today's rapidly evolving technical environments, we pride ourselves on being able to utilize our in-depth industry knowledge to provide Elite clients with first-class consultancy services,” said DW Reporting Managing Director Dan Wales. “Our aim is to help firms work efficiently and effectively through well configured, reliable, and accurate solutions. With a true blend of financial and IT backgrounds, we are proficient at translating our clients’ needs into reality.”

The Thomson Reuters Elite Global Strategic Alliance Program provides a one-stop global marketplace that fosters cooperation, streamlines the buy-sell cycle and helps all involved achieve a competitive edge. Elite partners are experienced technology, services and consulting organizations ready to innovate, collaborate and help our clients solve their most pressing business challenges. Visit the Global Strategic Alliance Program to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Thomson Reuters Elite.

About DW Reporting
Founded by Dan Wales and Lawrence Watkins and established as a full time consulting firm in 2013, DW Reporting is an independent finance systems and reporting consultancy. DW Reporting specializes in practice management software and reporting and business intelligence solutions within the professional services industry. To learn more, visit DW Reporting.

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