Enhanced Version of Elite’s Market-leading Document Automation Solution will Provide Enhanced Component Sharing and Richer Deployments

LOS ANGELES, April 5, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite has launched an enhanced version of Design Gallery, their market-leading document automation solution. Design Gallery 2.6 will further improve the collection, reorganization, conversion and distribution of data available within Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise and 3E systems.

Design Gallery 2.6 features over 30 new improvements, including enhanced component sharing and richer deployments. One of the key capabilities of Design Gallery is that document templates can be broken down into individual building blocks, called components. With 2.6, superior handling of components is now available, enabling multiple solutions to more effectively share and reuse the same components for building a variety of document output. Furthermore, additional supporting solution parts are now deployed to the Solution Repository making deployment and management of these pieces easier.

The 2.6 update now includes Text-to-XML (TtX) Designer, a newly available desktop application that allows users to easily convert text files to XML for processing within Design Gallery. TtX Designer can be used for environments where a host system is unable to generate XML data natively and can be used to create a Design Gallery converter template that will be applied to the data to convert it to XML before further processing takes place.

Design Gallery 2.6 comes bundled with 3E 2.7, but can also be used in standalone form when more advanced output and distribution capabilities are required. Design Gallery 2.6 is the preferred and recommended document automation solution for 3E and Enterprise systems.

For more about Design Gallery, visit Elite.

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