LOS ANGELES, Apr. 3, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite has recently launched new versions of Contact Manager, Elite’s customer relationship management solution, and Experience Manager, a solution with powerful searching capabilities designed specifically for marketing and business development. The updated Contact Manager solution includes enhanced reports detailing stakeholder engagement, while the new Experience Manager solution includes enhancements aimed at increasing productivity.

Contact Manager combines contact and list management with email marketing and web form integration for campaign planning and management. The updated version (13R1) now includes customizable Watchlist Reports that show how a firm is engaging with clients, companies and contacts. This strategically automated client insight can be configured for sharing with individuals or groups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, providing stakeholders with the information they need to help drive successful business development efforts.

Experience Manager helps improve a firm’s productivity by driving successful marketing and business development initiatives via efficient experience management. The updated Experience Manager 13R1 features a number of enhancements including, simplified intake forms that make experience intake quick and easy for marketing departments and Multiple Marketing Descriptions that support several unique descriptions for each experience record.

Multiple Marketing Descriptions allow users to search across the system for descriptions that are specific to practices, industries, languages, attorneys, and more. They also allow marketers to generate experience descriptions to fit their needs. A Skills Database search function, that allows you to identify shared knowledge and improve targeting for cross-selling, has also been included in the updated version.

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