Range of New Functions Set to Improve User Experience

LOS ANGELES, June 12, 2013: Thomson Reuters Elite has today announced a significant number of enhancements to its Business Development Suite. These modifications are based on customer feedback and are aimed at enriching the Business Development Suite user experience.

The first set of enhancements – to be released in Q2 – are centered around globalization and data quality management (DQM). Users will now be able to send personalized marketing communications to multi-lingual clients by capturing the language their contacts speak and sending their communications in a variety of languages, as well as printing direct mailing labels in accordance with international standards.

In addition, data management will be streamlined by utilizing new, more sophisticated filtering and prioritization. Users will now be able to filter DQM listings to reconcile records on priority marketing lists, as well as using keywords to tag records in DQM – allowing them to easily prioritize, categorize and distribute data.

The second wave of functionality updates, scheduled for Q3 of 2013, are focused on the platform’s integration with Outlook, with the express aim of giving users expanded insight into activities with key contacts. Increased insight for attorneys is a top priority, with the new functionality allowing for contacts to be added to and removed from watchlists directly from Outlook. Users can receive scheduled email reports summarizing recent an upcoming activities for key clients, as well as making use of a new search screen to track and manage activities across contacts.

Users will also be able to take advantage of advanced functionality that automates the tracking of activities for email and calendar items, enabling these client interactions to be easily shared as Contact Manager activities.

Learn more about the full Thomson Reuters Elite Business Development Suite here.

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