New Product Partnership Benefits ProLaw Clients with Integrated Reporting Software

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 5, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite today announced that Advanced Legal Systems, Inc., a technology solutions provider that offers a complete range of ProLaw services to the legal market, has upgraded its partnership to the highest level. As a Product partner, Advanced Legal Systems has made BIPro, Business Intelligence Professional, financial management reporting software available through Thomson Reuters Elite. BIPro was uniquely created by Advanced Legal Systems to integrate with ProLaw to provide simplified and enhanced reporting.

BIPro is a business intelligence and financial reporting solution designed to mentor attorneys and other non-financial managers to better align their time with financial-driven results. Using patented Blink Chart visualization technology, firms can access critical financial data in a matter of seconds, without the need to create multiple lengthy financial reports. BIPro helps clients gather, store, and analyze data with comprehensive profitability analytics to visually track productivity and determine effectiveness.

“We upgraded our partnership with Thomson Reuters Elite to maximize the availability and integration of BIPro to ProLaw users,” said Scott Randall, CEO of Advanced Legal Systems. “BIPro is designed to bring ProLaw users closer to the financial performance of their firms and to better make assessments of where to invest its time and money. Through this innovative software, Thomson Reuters Elite clients can improve performance at all levels and unlock a greater financial potential for years to come.”

“During the time as an Elite partner, Advanced Legal Systems has proven to be a valuable ally for ProLaw clients. In addition to offering a complete range of ProLaw services, including user support, Advanced Legal Systems enables clients to quickly and easily view complex financial information by using BIPro. With this new partnership, we are thrilled to extend the advantages of BIPro directly to ProLaw users.”

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