Customization, Broad Data Views, and Stronger Core Tools Provide Workflow and Productivity Benefits

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 28, 2013 – Thomson Reuters Elite announced the broad redesign of its market-leading financial and practice management solution 3E. The customer-driven redesign allows for greater customization, unified views for complimentary systems and enhancements to core capabilities, all part of Thomson Reuters’ vision of point solution integration and a focus on customer workflow.

“Our customers provided insights that helped us approach this redesign based on how they use technology, and we feel we have created a platform design that offers greater efficiency, workflow productivity and in-depth data analysis,” said Cary Burch, president of Thomson Reuters Elite. “Through this broader view and ability to quickly and deeply dive into content, 3E enables customers to establish decision-making from a stronger base of facts.”

The 3E 2.7 redesign provides improved functionality through the new Web-based platform, which streamlines workflow, further increases on-the-go access capabilities with 3E Mobile and allows better tracking of activity and management across offices, nationally and globally. Mindful of Thomson Reuters Elite’s global market, the new version of 3E incorporates new tools to help firms reduce risk and remain compliant with country-specific financial and regulatory requirements.

The enhanced core financial and practice management products within 3E, including billing, general ledger and conflicts, help optimize output quality. Customers also gain a more unified view to complimentary systems from WestlawNext or Microsoft Outlook for more comprehensive data sets. The redesign also adds a new personal tray feature that carries custom action lists and favorites tailored to 3E functionality and user need, and expanded capabilities for Time Capture functions.

According to Burch, Thomson Reuters is applying new focus to workflow technology and providing integration to create products that work the way our customers do. “Elite has long served as the nervous system for large law firms, and the redesign of 3E provides fresh benchmarks in technology and innovation that help our users work more efficiently and advance their position in the marketplace.”

For more information about Elite and 3E, go to 3E.

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