How Document Automation For Your Firm is the Next Step

Get more from your law firm’s document automation solution

Law firms rely on their data for critical insights to support internal business strategies and to accommodate demanding client requirements around billing and other issues. This makes it essential to quickly and efficiently transform back-end data into usable business documents. Successful firms are implementing document automation solutions that streamline the process of collecting, converting and distributing data.

Introducing 3E® Templates™ from Thomson Reuters

3E Templates (formerly known as Design Gallery™) empowers legal professionals to be much more responsive to data requests from internal and external customers. Not only can they provide the requested data in less time, they can provide it in a format that makes it immediately and easily usable to the recipient. While many firms have made due with Document Studio™ or other solutions, some have found the template and document controls to be limited and the generation and distribution time excessively long.

With 3E Templates, users have access to uniform templates that can be used across all practice areas. These templates save the firm time and expense they currently spend creating a new document formats or updating existing ones, and they can access the data they need to generate such formats in a reliable manner.

Many Document Studio users report needing multiple servers to handle their throughput requirements. 3E Templates only requires one production instance. This is because 3E Templates delivers your documents on average approximately 30 times faster than Document Studio. Yes, you read that correctly - 30 times faster. Each Document Studio converter instance, on average, produces documents at one page per 3 seconds, while, on average, 3E Templates produces 10+ pages per second.

Top firms are already realizing the benefits of using 3E Templates

Dykema is the largest law firm in San Antonio, Texas. With five offices across the state, the firm provides a broad range of services to a regional, national and international clientele in the areas of business law and litigation. The firm embraces a culture of innovation and collaboration, and 3E Templates has helped to elevate those capabilities.

The firm’s Elite Systems Administrator, Debbie Ventura, explains that 3E Templates provides access to a variety of important insights at the client level. “Because we’re able to do direct database queries, we can provide valuable information about that client, such as current status, last bill and pay dates, and other pertinent statistics. It’s well-organized and aggregated at the client level, which is the coolest part of the report,” she says.

The firm has also been able to completely streamline its conflict review and reporting process with 3E Templates. As Bryan Ramirez, Cox Smith’s IT Director, explains, “Before, attorneys would have to comb through many pages of data to make meaningful connections. With our new 3E Templates Client Level Summary conflict report, we’re able to show relationships in the data in a very clean, efficient way. It demystifies the conflict review process to a great extent.”

Learn More About What 3E Templates Can Do to Help Your Firm

There is no limit to the benefit firms can derive from 3E Templates. The ability to gain more meaningful data-driven insights in less time allows attorneys to be more responsive to inquiries and to reply with increased confidence.

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