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The Importance of System Health Checks and Why Firms Need Them

Overview and Background

A system health check is a service provided by dedicated analysts in which our experts thoroughly review and grade a legal firm’s current management system performance, overall data quality, and licensing components whether on Enterprise or 3E. During a health check, the goal is to identify components from four system zones:

  • Current system environment
  • System customizations
  • Database quality and integrity
  • Balancing in the current environment

The goal of each health check is to help a firm best understand how their current system is performing through a series of integrity checks that identify key issues within data quality, customizations, and system balance.

Within both aging and newly installed systems, it’s important for firms to understand all factors associated with the design, customization, installation, and management of the technology. By planning routine system health checks, firms acquire an in-depth diagnostic analysis on performance, quality, and security of their technology investment before it heads for failure or is no longer optimized to their needs.

For Enterprise customers embarking on the journey to 3E, a system-wide health check performed in advance of implementation of 3E can save hundreds of hours and [often] tens of thousands of dollars by addressing key issues like data quality ahead of time.

Benefits of System Health Checks

System health checks allow both local and global firms to explore and optimize overall system performance from day one. Firms receive an independent, unbiased, and thorough review of the status of their system, eliminating potential security risks, improving data quality, and increasing system performance.

These checks provide actionable advice on mitigating potential issues that impact daily actions and equip its users with insights into the existing infrastructure that support business objectives. Dedicating a routine system health check enables firms to increase the effectiveness of their technology investment and benchmark their system environment toward the latest compliances and licenses. It also helps firms understand and identify the quality of their data.

Health checks are important to not only obtain clean system data consistently but also for profitability and productivity of the internal staff and working lawyers.


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