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Multichannel Versus Omnichannel:
The Blow-by-blow Guide

Before we are in a position to consider the vast number of marketing automation features available, we can often find ourselves in need of a vocabulary lesson. Marketers casually drop in the latest buzz terms, create nebulous new meanings from seemingly pre-defined expressions, or use words interchangeably in a way that would make Mrs. Malaprop blush. So, it is little wonder that when it comes to multi and omnichannel marketing, we can be left feeling the effect of all of the above—to our extreme confusion.

Understanding the value that can be extracted from understanding and then using these terms in context is vital for any marketer. With this in mind, we would like to share our blow-by-blow guide to not only help you better understand multi and omnichannel marketing but also integrate them into your organization's marketing strategy in order to maximize the potential for enhancing customer experiences, driving trusted relationships and, ultimately, growing your business.



Vuture is a global leader in marketing technology for professional services organisations. The brand's multi-functional, end-to-end platform offers a full suite of marketing tools; from automation to email, event management to tracking & reporting. Its technology integrates with all major CRM systems to intuitively formulate a personalised nurture programme for each individual client and prospect, improving the effectiveness of campaigns and data analysis.

Vuture is a trusted partner of nearly a third of all large law firms, five of the ten global real estate giants and three of the big-four accountancy firms. Click here for more information.

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